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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, March 30, 2007

I think it is about freaking time I finished this:
It is the Essential Striped Sweater without the Stripes. I used Peruvian Highland Wool in sage green and made the 38" size using up 8.5 balls of yarn. This is exactly what I wanted, but the only thing I wish I made a bit longer is the ribbing on the v-neck. But I knit and frogged the damn thing too man times, so this is the way it is going to stay.
Oh yes, the first sock for J's pair is finished and the 2nd one has been cast on. Woo hoo, I'm on a roll.

I have no idea why I feel like making knitted toys, but that is all I seem to be thinking about knitting. I cast on to make a fluffy pink rabbit, I am knitting the shell of Sheldon the Turtle and I found a pattern for a garter stitch caterpillar. Crazy, eh?

Well lets see how long this little phase lasts - not long because I will have to seam all those little parts, which will totally turn me off to make any more knitted toys.

Hope you have a great weekend. Knit on!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

I am not surprised others feel the way I do re: the post below. If in real life you ignored someone, I'm sure they would be slighlty more peeved at being ignored, than not receiving a response from a comment.

Enough about that, lets move on to something more interesting - knitting!

I finished Miss Mad's socks. Toe ups using Patons Kroy:

And I started a log cabin blanket that I thought I would never make:

I am using Patons Decor that I bought to originally make another blanket, but abandoned it for this. This is a great project to satisfy my love of picking up stitches and to my surprise, it grows pretty darn fast.

I need to felt the kitty pi bed I finished knitting last week, but need to gather up the mental strength to do so. Oh yeah and find the time somewhere. If these two things happen at once, Meeko will be one happy fat cat.

Knit on.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Holy shit people - I think we all have had enough about why we freaking blog. For the most part we all blog for pretty much the same reason:

  • to share our knitting ups and downs with our virtual friends
  • to feel apart of the knitting community
  • get new ideas, see new pattenrs, particpate in KALs, etc.
  • to get comments - come on now, who the hell doesn't want comments? I LOVE when I see someone left me a comment. I ALWAYS respond to them. If I don't it is because a comment was left by one of my frequent virtual friends and we trade emails almost daily, so that doesn't count!
  • this whole comment business is like being at school all over again people. There are the popular kids, the not so popular and the loners. Happens in real life and it happens with the blogs. Lets face it - that is the way the world works - EVERYWHERE. Deal with it.
  • Why write something online if no one reads it - you might as well as just write in Word or use a journal.

Want to know what pissses me off with blogging and comments? If not, move on, if so, keep reading.

If I make the effort to read through someones post and I take the time to comment, then I think that blogger should damn well reply to my comment, even if it is to say Thanks, I agree or whatever the approriate response is to the comment.

I have removed blogs from my daily reading based on this. I have left comments on blogs and she never responsed, so my thinking is - if you can't take the time to email me back, then you are not worth being my virtual friend. Just like in real life folks.

BTW - if Eunny Jang can respond to my congratulatory comment on her new position, then the rest of us can take the time to do it too!

Knit on.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No one wants to finish knitting my Flower Basket Shawl. Damn, double damn! So now I think I will have to rip the sucker out. I really do not enjoy making it and am most likely never going to wear it. There hasn't been one time in my life where I thought "hmmm, I wish I had a shawl to put on" So, I think it will be ripped out - may it rest in peace.

I have been a good little girl and going to the gym at some ungodly hour and my knitting is suffereing because I can't stay awake in the evenings. Pathetic, that is what I am! Hopefully once I am in the swing of this working out crap, I will start to feel more energized. In the meantime, I can't help wondering when the hell it is going to happen.

Knit on folks, knit on.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Further to the post below, would it be tempting if I offered up one already wind ball of Tess Design Sock yarn in a rainbow sherbet colourway?


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Monday, March 19, 2007

Is it reasonable to find a lace knitter to finish my Flower Basket Shawl? It is almost done and I will feel bad ripping it out, but don't want to finish it. I DO.NOT.LIKE lace knitting!

Any takers?

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Now that March Break is over it is back to our regular scheduled programming of school, after school programs and homework. It is nice to have a break, but it is nice to go back to 'the' routine. I wonder how my girls are feeling in school right now - pretty tired I'm sure.

I spent this morning organzing our summer plans. The girls are now official enrolled into a summer camp they both can attend! This makes drop off and pick up much less time consuming for us and it so cheap this year I could click my heels in the air. City programs are great if you find a camp with great councilors and this one has it all.

I also booked our every other camping weekends until the end of July! now just to decide if we are going to go to Macedonia (very expensive to fly 4 people) and if not, then I will book camping for 16 days in August! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Knitting update - I got gauge for Tatami Kimono Pattern with Quartette so I'll bite the bullet and buy the pattern and then of course put it on my to knit next list. I'm sure it will marinate for awhile because I want to finish up some smaller projects first.

I am about to knit the heel on Miss Maddie's socks, thank God - she has been bugging me every time she sees them to finish them. Pushy little girl.

Oh yeah - and I am almost finished the kitty pi knitting, then off to felting it! I am not sure how wide I should knit the pre-felted peice. Currently it is about 40' wide. I wonder how big or small it will be after felting? I am not a pro at felting, so I am unsure, but considering the finished product is for a cat, I'll wing it and it will all work out in the wash - no pun there, eh?

The endpaper mitts are coming along, I am increasing now for the thumb and really enjoy this two stranded knitting business. I want to buy the deep v-neck arygle vest by Miss Jang, but I don't have any yarn and don't want to buy anymore. Crap. But I want to make this vest!

Anyhoo, that is the weekend update for those who are interested. Have a good week.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I think I got time off for good behaviour today, because both my kids, husband and mom are out of the house this afternoon. I had free time people - FREE freaking TIME! There isn't enough money in the world that compares with having time to yourself to do whatever the hell you want. If you are curious, this is what I did. I masked my face:

Shaved my legs:

Had a cup of coffee (by myself) and swatched with my newly acquired Quartette yarn for, maybe, if it works out the tatami kimono sweater.

Better run, I hear the door opening... I have to start living in reality again.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well well well, look who has 6, count'em 6 WIPs. ME, that is who. I wonder how this happened, but I bet you can guess, I am weak, weak I tell you.

The varigated lacey thing is the Flower Basket Shawl that I completely loath. Hate it, but must of the time feel determined to finish it. I know now that knitting lace is not my thing. Not just knitting it, but I doubt I'll wear this kind of shawl. It looks a bit homey to me. The beige item is a cable knit jacket from Sandra Magazine. I will love it when it is done, but have completely fallen out of love with it. Lastly, the sage green is Arian which I have not has a lot of time but I promise, I will soon.

Oh and don't forget about these little puppies. The booby looking thing is going to be a kitty pi bed for Meeke, the 2nd sock for Maddie is in the middle and the last item on the right will be Endpaper mitts. This one is quite fun to knit, however I think fingerless mitts are dumb, but I want to try my hand two colour knitting and these seems like the right project to do just that.

The kitty pi bed is for meeko, however I am unsure how much longer my little, er big fat kitty will be around. She is on her 3rd round of antibiotics and it doesn't seem to be helping her get better. She is hardly eating and drinking an unbelievable amount of water and not getting rid of it. These issues and others have been going on for 1 year now and I am not sure how much longer I can take. I feel bad for her and for myself, because I do feel guilty putting her down to sleep, but can't bear the thought of going another year of cleaning up shit, bathing her and taking her to the vet to try more drugs.

Vent over. have a good weekend.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Last Thursday I went to Heather's house (blogless fellow SnB'er friend) for a hair trim and wound up buying this stuff from her:

Want a close up? This is as good as a close up I can take because I am the worlds worst photographer:

It is Quartette, 80% merino wool and 20% cashmere and I have 2200 yards of this stuff. It knits up to 6.25 stitches per inch. Little needles required, but I think it will be nice.

I need some help figuring out this camera - hey Brenda are you up for the job? Next time I'll put the memory card in so you can play with it.

Conveniently Heather lives right across the street from the Naked Sheep. Of course I'd be a fool not to pop in and have a look around, and I bought this:

It is the Hemp for Knitting pattern Lacy little top. Maybe I could use the Quarette? Maybe.

It appears I have been doing quite a bit of shopping in the last week - shame we have Online Banking because now the hubby can see all purchases within seconds of me swiping the debit card. Damn technology!

The fitness routine is off to a good start in the first week. My plan for this week is to go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I have gone to the gym at 6am both days! Yeah! If I make it on Friday, I'll be very pleased as punch with myself. I am not going gang busters at the gym, only walking for about 25 minutes and doing light weights on the machines. I really need to loose this extra weight I am carrying around - I am on a mission folks.

Have a good one.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Look, look, look what I got:

On Saturday morning at some ungodlike hour, Chris, Julianna and I set off for J's 9:30am hockey game in Barrie, which is 1 hour and 15 minutes from home! Yeah, that is what I want to do on a Saturday morning, but we did. This is not normal for us, as girls hockey is a bit more civilized and we don't have to wake up this early for a game. I was debating to go or not and decided to go because the game was the 2nd last one with her select team and I didn't want to miss it. Unfortunetaly they lost 3-2, but they had fun so that is all that matters.

On our way home I spotted a Michaels store and popped in to see what they had. As J and I were purusing the aisles I noticed anything with an orange sticker on it was 50% off and that item pictureed above had an orange sticker on it! I bought this puppy for 110 bucks my friends. That is really cheap. Yeah for me! I have a few sweaters in the queue that are knit using plain stockinette stitch so I will make it using my brand spanking new machine.

Lucky me! And that is not all my friends. We then went next door to the Petsmart and bought this:

I am so freaking tired of scooping cat shit that I could scream. I have quite a large cat and the amount that comes out of this thing is unbelievable. Plus I can't stand the smell of the stuff sitting there. I think it works fine, but I will have to dump that bin it scoops everything into every day, but I might be less work and less time consuming than the average box.

Anyone out there that as the Litter Maid box? Like it, hate it? What's the scoop?


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Friday, March 09, 2007

Hey guys - I got my first nasty little comment and of course it was by an anonymous person. Hee hee. I posted to the Sexy Knitters Club KAL blog about my not so loved Wicked and this is the comment I received:

"Just because it isn't "streetwalker" tight doesn't mean it's too big! It looks like it fits just right! Omg, were wanting a second skin?"

Hardy dee har har! Got to love it - I know I do. This idiot didn't even read what I thought was too big, which was the sleeve section, not the body. Moron!!!

Knitting news - I finished Odessa last night and I will try to get a picture of it soon. It is quite a clever little pattern, but I doubt I would wear it because of the colours of the yarn. I used the left over ball from Tulip, so the hat is a bit easter egg looking, but will be great to use when I am camping in May.
This is such a cute picture of my girls:

Why you ask because it looks like a normal kid picture to me? Because, they made their own breakfast, set themselves up at this extra little table we have and did it all without fighting. When I came downstairs and saw them all set up like this, I had to take a picture of them. At almost 8 and 6 years old, we are trying to get our girls to be more independent and this is one step closer.

Hope you guys all have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This is a picture of myself on our backyard ice rink. I skate maybe twice a year with the girls and thought I would share this picture with you guys. Yes, I wear a helmet and face mask, because I am a very weak skater and need all the protection I can get.

I don't enjoy skating as much as my family, but I usually am outside shouting at them to run their hockey drills faster and better. Both my girls play hockey so we pretty much live in an arena, but frankly, there is nothing better than watching my girls screw around in the backyard on their own rink! They love it and go out in very cold weather, unlike most kids. I guess they are used to it because they both learned to skate at the age of two in this very, very cold weather. Most of the kids they know don't like skating in this weather, but mine don't seem to mind.

On to knitting, I have started two very small projects - Odessa with left over Katia Jamica yarn from my Tulip and End Paper mitts with Patons Kroy sock yarn. I don't feel like knitting anything big at the moment, so these projects should suffice until I do.

I am going to Beaches SnB tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to having an evening to myself - knitting, talking with the ladies and drinking some decaf tea.

Have a good one.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Well I will be damned. When I read Yarn It's post about her not-so-wicked Wicked, I couldn't imagine why she didn't like it. And, now I know! This sweater is not flattering on me and it is way too itchy.


You can't really tell how much it doesn't fit me. Let me see if this picture tells the story:


It is way TOO big around the neck line. I should have cast on for the smallest size to compensate for my rather smallish shoulder width and then increased until it fit me. The arms are way TOO big as well.

I am now sure this yarn is not meant for me. I first used this alpaca to knit Something Red and that sweater looked horrible on me. Then I frogged it only to realize that alpaca is really kinky once you knit and frog it. So, I had to put the yarn into hanks, wash them and wait for them to dry. All this work and look - the thing is sucky!

I am going to put the remaining 2.5 balls and this sweater in a bag and put it in the GoodWill box. Maybe someone else will have better luck with the damn yarn.

On another note - my Essential Striped Sweater is coming along nicely - the 2nd sleeve is almost done and I think this one is a winner. I'll take a picture of it this week, hopefully.

Have a good one.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I.Joined.Ballys Fitness Center.Last.Night.

I have gained 15 of the 40 pounds I lost about 3 years ago and it is pissing me off with this mound of flab around my mid section. Not to mention, what my kids call my crunchy bum. I can't take it anymore, so I'm doing something about it. When I had to loose the weight the first time around, I went to Ballys and was very successful. I plan on being successful again.

I will wake up at, now wait for it, 5:30am to be on a machine on or before 6am the start with the weight machines from 6:25 to 7am. Shower and then run for the 7:42am train to go to work.

Yep, sounds like hard, but you know, I did it before and I will do it again. And I will have to find a way to not put my knitting ahead of my health. Did I say health? Well the real reason I joined is out of pure vanity. I am going to Europe for the month of August and one of those weeks will be on a beach in Greece. I want to strut my stuff in one of my great bikinis. Oh yeah, and wear all my great little dresses and capris that I couldn't wear last year.

I have told a great many people my plan to work out because when I am asked how I'm doing with the whole gym thing, I want to say I am going. Not tuck my tail between my legs and say I gave up.

Knitting content - I am taking out the ribbing on the ESS sleeve because they make me look like popeye - and on a girl, that is far from flattering. My question to this stupid simple sweater is - when will I get to wear you? When I ask!

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