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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My cry out for help was for not! After a good night's sleep, I picked up the needles and followed Jared's instructions. Voila, everything is turning out great. However, I think I will not have enough yarn. I am about 5" into the yoke, and only have one skein left.

I'll check if Romni has anymore, if not, I'll look in Ravelry and hope someone has some to sell to me. Keep your fingers crossed.

ETA: Went to Romni at lunch and dug deep down into one of the bins and found the lone skein in the same dye lot. Yeah for me.

Before going to Romni I sent a message in Ravelry to Kate of needlesonfire to see if I could buy her two and she said yes. So now I will have three skeins. One to finish the sweater and another two to make something else - maybe a cable hat for Chris!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cobblestone Issues

I am not sure why I don't understand the short row instructions on the Cobblestone sweater. I did the first two short rows, but when I get to the 1st short row, pick up the wrap and continue to knit around, I should actually be purling because if I continue to knit, it screws up the garter in the round.

HMMM.....Help me, I am desperate.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am back from a wonderful week in Punta Cana. We stayed at the Majestic Colonial and had a fantastic time. I totally recommend this resort. I read, slept, drank, ate and believe it or not got some knitting done.

I finished the sleeves for the Tilted Duster, they need blocking, but to proof they are done:


My friend's socks are coming along nicely:


I knit about 20 rows of Petal, using Tess Design Superwash Wool:


And before I left, I attached the sleeves to the body of Chris' Cobblestone sweater:


It appears I am in the home stretch on all three projects, so it is quite difficult to choose which one to work on! Oh the decisions of a knitter. This is a much better position to be in then casting on for a bunch of projects, and all of them turning out sucky!

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Friday, November 09, 2007

I really have to say that I don't like sewing on buttons (even though I just bought a whackload), but the more I do it, the easier it gets.

Before I leave on Sunday for PUNTA CANA, with my friend (no kids, no husband), I wanted to finish this sweater:


Isn't it the cutest thing? I used the Pure & Simple Top Down Baby Sweater pattern, a free one to boot. I made a few mods to the pattern. I put in button holes, because I am not a fan of the i-cord ties. They scream 'hand-made'. I also knit two stitches between each decrease instead of one, and the obvious thing I did was knit a collar instead of a hood. All in all, I think it has turned out okay!

I finally uploaded pictures from Halloween. Here is a picture of my cheerless leader:

Halloween 2007

They should be scowling, but I like the smiles much more.

I will be back one week from Sunday. Enjoy your week, I know I will.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

I love when I am finished knitting the largest part of a sweater. It feels like I am in the home stretch. Here is Chris' Cobblestone sweater knit to the arm holes and the start of the 1st sleeve, which BTW is almost done too:

Cobblestone Body Complete

Not the best artistic photo, but hey, I was in a rush.

In my girls' hockey news, this weekend my younger daughter was informed she has made the 8 and under rep team!!! Yeah for Maddie. She is 6 years old and is playing 'up' at a rep level. I am so proud of her. She is over the moon excited. Now she gets to play on the same team as her sister.

Both Maddie and Julianna play on a houseleague team that is coached by my husband, but after three houseleague games, J was moved up to play with the 9 and 10 year division. So, we are happy that they get this chance to play on the same team. That was our intent, however, over the summer J found this burst of confidence, and dominated the game. Not fun for her and not fun for the other little girls. When the score is 20 to 1 for your team, and one girl scored half of the goals, you just feel bad for all. Including J's feelings. It was way too easy for her, and now that has moved up to play with the older girls, she is much happier!

I am one lucky hockey mom - two girls that LOVE the sport and know that if you work hard, it pays off. This weekend Maddie finally got to realize what I was saying was true.

Hope your weekend was great.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yesterday I went to Fabricland near my house to buy some buttons for the baby demin jacket I just finished. As well, I needed some buttons for this cardi that I finished 2 1/2 years ago:

Top Down Cardi

I love this sweater and haven't worn it because I just can't seem to find buttons for it. Until now. I think I've got the right ones. Fabricland is closing this location due to end of lease issues, so everything in the store is 50 to 75% off. Holy moly people, I went hog wild crazy buying buttons. See:

Buttons, Buttons and More Buttons

I doubt I will ever use all these buttons in my lifetime, but I HAD to have them. BTW - I am going back because I can't miss the opportunity to save so much money on buttons. They had whackloads more. Yeah...Such fun.

I also bought this pin cushion. Cute, non?

Pin Cusion

I think so.

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