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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

With June almost over I thought I would add more yarn to the stash than reduce it. This month I came out pretty even - I bought 9 balls and knit 9 balls. It was a wash - not bad if I do say so myself. The chickami is finished and a tad too tight around the hips. I am going to block it out this weekend and hope that will fix it. If not, oh well, it was a trial anyway.

I am diligently working on Tulip, but getting very bored of the 4x2 ribbing, and can't wait until I start the reverse stockinette stitch for the bust section. Only 4" of ribbing to go. This is the kind of knit you need with you when you are talking with someone, because if I had to knit it alone the whole time, I'll pull out my hair. But it is worth it I'm sure - it will be a great little top.

Tonight is M's dance dress rehearsal for the big Shrek show Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We are all looking forward to seeing them dance, especially the little ones. The dance company she belongs to has the older competitive girls dance with the little ones to ensure they remember the routines. How great is that? No pressure, and I know M loves to have them with her.

Well that is about all for now - have a great day!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hello all, I am almost done my chickami - one i-cord strap left to knit and I'll have a nice little tank for the summer. Yeah, I can't wait until I block it so I can wear it. I am a bit slow at blocking items, but I hope this time that won't be the case. I think the 34" is going to fit, which is great and when it stretches a titch it will be a perfect fit. Woo hoo!!!!

Now that the chickami is pretty much done, I can concentrate on Tulip. I can't say it enough about the Katia Jamaica cotton - it is oh so WONDERFUL. I can't wait to wear it next to my skin, I am sure it will feel like heaven.

Anyhoo, today is the girls' last day at school. I can't believe another year has gone by and now we are gearing up for the summer programs which start next week. My mom took the next two days off work to watch the girls so they will have a great time in the pool with granny.

Pictures soon, I promise. Have a good one.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

With June almost to an end and all my parties and party preparation complete, I feel the weight of the world OFF my shoulders. Man, does it ever feel good to know that I do not have anything on the go other than the usual stuff. My house is pretty much put back to the way it was before the birthday party, other than a few more dishes and washing down the deck.

My daughter's 7th birthday party was a huge SUCCESS. Everyone had such a great time. The kids were all excited to go swimming, jump in the castle or play on the playground set in the back. I believe they were not too happy when they had to leave, but who could blame them? There was so much to do and all of it fun, fun, fun! I wish I took more pictures but it was difficult when you have a party to run.

I know my loss of knitting mojo wasn't that long. But I am sure most people feel like it is a long time when you can't seem to get the knitting on track no matter how long the period is. I think it is back, but who knows, the chickami I am making (I'm at the raglan section now, thank you very much) might be a tad too small. So I may feel like knitting, but the knitting doesn't want to happen.

I made the 34" size, even though my bust and hips are 36" hoping this cotton will stretch out by 2" and then it will fit me. If it does stretch up to 2", then if I made the 36", it would stretch to 38" - way too big.

This is a bit of a trial knit so I can learn from it and get to know my measurements a bit better. At the end of the day, if I turn out a few crappy items, at least I'll learn from them. If this cami fits, I'll be so happy because then I can finish up Tulip. I'm looking forward to knitting this tank top - the pattern, the yarn and the needles are a perfect match and I want to wear the Katia Jamaica next to my skin. It knits up like heaven and I'm sure it will wear like a cloud. Stay tuned, well that is if you are interested.

Have a good day.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

If I had known how great Katia Jamaica was to knit with I would have started using it a long, long time ago. It is fantastic. Soft, nice and airy. I think I've got the knitting bug back. Woo hoo my friends. Plus I would like to wear it soon, especially in all this hot weather Toronto is experiencing.

Progress is being made on my chickami, I'm starting the increases, so I feel I've made a good dent in this project. Both are very simple patterns which makes them easy to pick up anywhere, anytime. No thinking involved, which is good considering how busy my mind is trying to remember everything that needs to be done before J's 7th birthday party on Sunday. I should bring one of the projects with me while I am waiting in line and such. Should help to keep me calm. There is a plan!

Anyway have a good one.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I bought the Tulip pattern and Katia Jamaica yarn, colour 4000 to make it with today. I have a nice crisp white skirt to wear it with, so I better get out of my knitting funk to be able to wear it this summer. I wanted to wait to finish my sage green Chickami and then buy this stuff, but obviously I don't have any self control and patience. Such as life.

I am liking the Chickami - easy enough to knit anywhere without have to think too much about it. I'm on the 2nd ball of I think 5, so really only 4 more balls to knit and I'll have a nice and neat tank top. Woo Hoo - then I can start Tulip. Think I can wait? I doubt it, but I'll try my best.

Have a good one folks.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

I must be in a knitting funk, because I don't feel like knitting, and when I do, I screw it all up. I am not sure what I've done on Orangina, but I think I need to rip out about 4-6 rows. The patterns looks weird in one little spot and I can't figure it out. Frankly, I don't feel like figuring it out, but I should - soon.

I am happy to say that the rocks, fence and sod are all in and look great. My father's day celebration went well and I'm prepared for tonight's little party of 12. Chances of me knitting and posting will be slim because of other priorities occupying my time - Like J's birthday party preparations. I'm okay with not knitting because really I don't feel like it. Perfect timing I must say. I have no time to knit and don't want to!

Have a good one folks.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Well the rocks are in! Woo hoo! That means all Chris needs to do is level out the ground, put the rest of the fence in, lay sod, finish the pool house, put the patio furniture together, and a zillion other things before June 25th. yeah, that is all! Here are some pics of the in progress rock placing. The guys doing some head scratching:

And another one:

Don't let this picture fool you, he is not lifting this rock. Total weight of these four rocks weigh in around 2.5 tonnes!

To ensure the rocks are okay, I am testing they did a good job and they are put in place correctly:

Fun Wow People! Have a great weekend.

BTW - still chugging along on Orangina - she is the only thing I have been knitting, but it takes awhile to get through one knit row. I hope this one looks good one me because I love t

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whew - things have been pretty hectic around here lately and will continue to be crazy until July 1st. Between cleaning the house to prepare for THREE parties (June 18th, June 19th and June 25th), M's dance recital (dress rehersals, longer than normal dance classes) and thinking of what to get teachers and day care workers for end of school presents, I think I'll go mad. And to add more to the mix, we have some large boulder rocks that need to be installed at the deep end of the pool (in place of a diving board). If they are not done, we can't lay the sod and complete the fence. Not such a big deal for June 18th and June 19th parties, but the 25th is J's birthday party and I would LOVE to have the sod done for the kids to run around. But, we can't do any of these things until the bobcat is finished. Timing is everything, especially when we are cutting it so close.

Oh yeah and I need to get my hair freaking trimmed. It is just hanging there - limp, like a wet noodle. I think when my hair looks like shit, I feel like shit, so I just need to find the time to get it cut. Yeah, okay! If I don't have time for getting a hair cut, can you imagine how much time I have for knitting? Zilch! With the little amount of time I do have, I started on the 2nd piece of Orangina, and work a row here and there, but at this pace, it won't be done until fall. Oh well...It will get done when it does.

I always feel a 'knit let down' after I finish so many largers projects and have nothing big on the needles. I feel like I'm not finishing anything and not happy with what is on the needles, hence the reason socks are my current project. I am at the toe decrease of the first Koigu sock, so that feeling of accomplishment should happen soon. I have the yarn to make three Chickamis - because really there isn't another tank top that I like better. Once I get over my craziness at home, I'm going to start one, because other than socks, this is a great on the go project.

My friend Carol, who gifted me these socks because she doesn't like the feel of Patons Kroy on her tooties, gave me another pair made from the same brand:

Nice friend, eh? I think so! THANKS Carol!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Forgot to mention, I bought 6 balls of Cotton Sensation in a pale pink colour to make another Chickami. Me bad, I know. Hell, it was 50% off, I would have been stupid not to buy it.

Oh yeah - I finished the front of Orangina. Did I start the 2nd piece? Not yet, but maybe soon.

Have a great weekend.

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Here is a pre-blocking picture of Something Red, er Something Purple. I used the alpaca I bought at this year's MW&SF, made the 37" size and used 10 balls = 1000 yards. Normally I knit about 200 yards or so less than what patterns state you need for my size, so I am quite shocked that I was pretty darn close to the required amount. Wonders never cease do they?

Here is she is:

Next week I will block her and put in the closet until Fall. It is such a shame to have finished this knit, I will miss working on it. The yarn is lovely to knit with and the pattern was DEAD easy, which meant I could take it anywhere with me and not worry about making a mistake. I could knit it when it was light, dark or in between. I LOVED making this sweater. I am considering making it in cotton, because it would be perfect for the cooler summer evenings.

I realize I wasn't going to post until next Monday, however I didn't think I would finish it before the weekend. Plus, my blog is getting a lot of hits from search engines looking for Something Red, and wanted to show the finished product for those wanting to make it. If you do, you will not regret it - it is a great knit!

Oh btw - Brenda was the lovely lady who gifted the pattern to me. What a great knit bud. Thanks again Brenda.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Like most knitters, I have a 'Knit Next List'. I love this list, because well I like making any kind of list, but this one especially. Not only does it provide details on my stash ie: number of balls, yardage, colour, type, etc., I use it to track my projects start/end dates, needle size, garment size, as well as, the long list of next ups, which are:

River (Rowan KSH)
Thin Scarf using Pink Ribbon)
Chickami (Paton's Cotton Top)
Orangina in LB Microspun
Teresa's Socks
Lace bottom/top Sweater (patons décor)
Tess Design Ribbon yarn sweater (2nd)
Big Vogue Sweater (Red Heart Cozy Wool)
Kitty Kat Hat for Miss Amber
Knit Picks Purse (green from Value Village)
News Boy Cap (DB Aran Cotton)
Socks For J
Socks for me - regia
Ankle socks for me - orange
Ankle socks for me - Shelridge Farms
Vest from KnitScene Spring/Summer 2006
Bob (with what?)
Kate (with what?)
Ribbon Tank fr: Paton's Book (red & black)

I have yarn for all projects except three! Good news is I can reduce my stash, bad news is, I have no idea when I will ever find the time to finish all these, plus finish all the other ones I add to the list. I know, my problems are huge - NOT.

Well, I really don't have any updates on my current WIPs, because one is in finishing mode and the others are in starting mod - kind of boring posts, so I will give blogging a break till next Monday when I might have made more progress to show you.

We are going camping again this weekend, so maybe, just maybe I can squeeze in some knitting time. I doubt it, but I'll try - that is for sure.

Have a great week.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I started another new project - Honeymoon Cami with this cotton yarn. It is a shame it doesn't match the skirt pictured, but it will look great with some other clothes I have. This knit replaces the Something Red I carted around with me for easy GO Train riding and conference call knitting. Once I get past the 12 row pattern, it will be a nice easy portable project.

I am not sure about anyone of you guys, but I can't seem to find the desire to knit at night. I am so freaking tired and hot that the thought of knitting is exhausting. Even with this yucky feeling, I finished picking up the stitches for the Something Red's collar - and have no desire to start the 2x2 ribbing. Why? The thought of knitting over 200 stitches in 2x2 ribbing gives me the chills. Plus, I don't really need this sweater until Fall, but it would be NICE to have it ready to go when fall arrives. I will push myself forward, I will, I must or it might not get done!

I am meeting Katherine for lunch today, so I'll get some knitting time in - YEAH! Have a good one!

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Monday, June 05, 2006

I love when people think outside the box, I for one normally do not, so am always glad to come across those who do. Aquaknits which I recently started reading, finished her Cutaway with short sleeves. It is freaking amazing. I now want to make another one the same way. Don't have the yarn, but oh well I can always buy more. One can never have too much yarn, right? RIGHT.

Dianna suggested we knit Tulip, and I thought, because it is SO easy to twist my arm, there might be an appearance of this project shortly. I understand I don't have the pattern or yarn and I know Dianna doesn't either, but hey, that can be corrected easily enough. So Di - wanna race or take it easy to the finish line?

Because I think this is kind of weird, I'll ask you guys - do you think it is weird that my cat Meeko likes the inside of her ear scratched? Here is a picture of my big fat toe in her ear:

I for one don't get it - but she loves it. I usually do this for her in the morning when I squeeze in 10 minutes of knitting before waking the kids. It doesn't require too much effort, she gets her love in for the morning and I get to knit. We all win!

Have a good one.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Psst - I am picking up a bizillion stitches for the collar for Something Red. It isn't too painful at all, but then again I don't mind picking up stitches. The only problem is, I don't have a 4mm circular longer than 24", so my hands will probably hurt like hell trying to keep the stitches from falling off. Oh well - I'll have to deal.

On the July long weekend, my youngest will perform in a dance show and today was picture day in her costumes. Here is the one she will wear for the tap dance part of the show:


How cute are little girls in tap shoes and tuu-tuus? Lovely! Have a good one.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

When you are knitting in the round on the first sleeve, it is kind of boring post because really, I don't have any real progress to show you! Shortly my pretties, shortly.

At my girls' school today - it is pizza lunch and crazy hair day - this is what I came up with:

About 10 pony tails for each girl's head. For the girl on the right, I put green, red and blue food colouring in her hair (which unfortunately you can't see) and of course all over my hands:

This is just my left hand, my right one is MUCH worse. This stuff doesn't come off easily. Oh well. They like their hair so I guess that is all that matters.

Every time I step away from my desk I have to repeat the story to people who are curious why my hands are blue and green. NICE!

I hope you have a great weekend.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I really should STOP reading blogs, especially those who are written by fast knitters. Wendy of Knit n Tonic just finished Tulip and now I want to make one. Do I have the yarn or pattern? NOPE. Did I have the yarn and pattern for Green Gable? NOPE - but seeing her GG made me want to make it. So I did, and now I want to make Tulip. Wendy - please, for the love of God, stop knitting these great little tops so that I don't feel the need to make one for myself!

Man, I have a dilemma - I want to finish my current sweaters - Something Red and Orangina, but I LOVE Tulip - so what's a girl to do? Maybe walk up to Romni Wools at lunch and see what the Katia Jamaica looks like, see the colours, and feel the texture? Yeah, that is what I will do. If I don't like the yarn, I won't make it, if I do, well, maybe I'll hold off until I'm finished what I have on the needles - yeah right...

Stay tuned!

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