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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

With June almost over I thought I would add more yarn to the stash than reduce it. This month I came out pretty even - I bought 9 balls and knit 9 balls. It was a wash - not bad if I do say so myself. The chickami is finished and a tad too tight around the hips. I am going to block it out this weekend and hope that will fix it. If not, oh well, it was a trial anyway.

I am diligently working on Tulip, but getting very bored of the 4x2 ribbing, and can't wait until I start the reverse stockinette stitch for the bust section. Only 4" of ribbing to go. This is the kind of knit you need with you when you are talking with someone, because if I had to knit it alone the whole time, I'll pull out my hair. But it is worth it I'm sure - it will be a great little top.

Tonight is M's dance dress rehearsal for the big Shrek show Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We are all looking forward to seeing them dance, especially the little ones. The dance company she belongs to has the older competitive girls dance with the little ones to ensure they remember the routines. How great is that? No pressure, and I know M loves to have them with her.

Well that is about all for now - have a great day!

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