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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Well the rocks are in! Woo hoo! That means all Chris needs to do is level out the ground, put the rest of the fence in, lay sod, finish the pool house, put the patio furniture together, and a zillion other things before June 25th. yeah, that is all! Here are some pics of the in progress rock placing. The guys doing some head scratching:

And another one:

Don't let this picture fool you, he is not lifting this rock. Total weight of these four rocks weigh in around 2.5 tonnes!

To ensure the rocks are okay, I am testing they did a good job and they are put in place correctly:

Fun Wow People! Have a great weekend.

BTW - still chugging along on Orangina - she is the only thing I have been knitting, but it takes awhile to get through one knit row. I hope this one looks good one me because I love t

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