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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, June 05, 2006

I love when people think outside the box, I for one normally do not, so am always glad to come across those who do. Aquaknits which I recently started reading, finished her Cutaway with short sleeves. It is freaking amazing. I now want to make another one the same way. Don't have the yarn, but oh well I can always buy more. One can never have too much yarn, right? RIGHT.

Dianna suggested we knit Tulip, and I thought, because it is SO easy to twist my arm, there might be an appearance of this project shortly. I understand I don't have the pattern or yarn and I know Dianna doesn't either, but hey, that can be corrected easily enough. So Di - wanna race or take it easy to the finish line?

Because I think this is kind of weird, I'll ask you guys - do you think it is weird that my cat Meeko likes the inside of her ear scratched? Here is a picture of my big fat toe in her ear:

I for one don't get it - but she loves it. I usually do this for her in the morning when I squeeze in 10 minutes of knitting before waking the kids. It doesn't require too much effort, she gets her love in for the morning and I get to knit. We all win!

Have a good one.

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