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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fetching is done! Do I have a picture? Nope, tonight I will. I want to post the FO on the Fall Cable KAL to enter my name into the prize hat. Chances of me winning are slim, as I don't have a horse shoe up my butt! Nevertheless, I'll post my FO and see what happens. Maybe my luck will change? Cross your fingers for me.

I am really unsure how practical fingerless mitts are. I don't understand the point in wearing them. The only reason I made them was to use up some stash yarn and try cabling without a needle. Didn't I mention that before? I made both pairs without using a cable needle! Look at me - call me Miss Superstar from now on.

My girls like them for some strange reason, so I will have to make another pair so both girls are happy. God forbid I only make one! World War III would break out in my house if I didn't.

BTW - I have 172 balls of yarn in my stash. Yep, another reason to start calling me Miss Superstar! I put on my critical glasses and took out yarn I KNOW I will never use and gave it to the girls' daycare. Plus - all the knitting I have been doing is helping reduce it as well.

I don't even feel the need to buy more yarn. That statement sounds wrong, don't you think?


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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Flower Basket Shawl has only been getting some love on and off since November 2005. Man, that is pretty bad isn't it? No need to say anything, I know the answer. I think I have knitted about half of the 500 yard ball of cotton from 2005 Maryland Wool & Sheep Festival, so I must be getting close to the end, right?

My goal is to finish this little shawl by end of winter so I can wear it in Spring under a light coat. To help me reach my goal, I have brought in the big guns, ladies. My new knitpicks options needles. This morning I put the stitches from my dull tip needles onto the big guns and knit one row with them. The k2togers and the slip1, K2tog, pass slipped stitch overs seem to be smoother. So now there are no more excuses, I am getting my ass in gear.

Of course, I have to finish the 2nd Fetching, Wicked and the cabled sweater I started so long ago. But I am going to do it. These knitpicks option needles have given me a confidence I have not felt! Okay, I know, I know, a bit dramatic for you? Too bad, I'm getting myself all psyched up to finish these projects ASAP.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

There are times I really have to scratch my head and wonder what the hell is wrong here. My 7 year old has a trendier hair cut than me! She wanted to cut her hair short for the longest time because she finds it hard to manage all the long hair she had. It is extremely thick and poker straight and difficult to brush every day. So, last Friday we went to the hairdressers and came home looking like this:

And the back:
I can not believe how wonderful she looks with this sassy little cut. This is my tom boy and never in the 7 years she has been on this planet cares what her hair looks like, until now. She walks around with a little comb, brushing it all day long!

She looks like a mini teenager. OH man, it starts already. Thankfully she is really naive, so hopefully the attitude of teens will wait a bit longer to come out.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The time has come to show some actual knitting content - with pictures and everything! I like to post pictures, but my camera's batteries needed to be re-charged, and for whatever reason I never plugged it in til yesterday. I walked by the damn thing every day, and kept saying to myself I would plug it in later. Well that later never came until yesterday. Not only did I get my ass in gear with the camera, but I am in the home stretch of finishing the ESS. See:

At this point I could decide to knit 1x1 ribbing as the pattern states, or knit the neckline like the Somewhat Cowl. I don't have this pattern, but I am guessing they are pretty close to being one in the same, except for the neckline. But no, I will complete the 1x1 rib - because I want a easy breezy sweater for those not so cold to wear a polar bear, but just cold enough to layer without a coat.

I think I'm going to like this sweater. I made some mods as you can see - I started the 2x2 ribbing at the elbow, just to give it some kick, and added decreases so it will fit over my hips. Also, instead of 1x1 ribbing at the bottom, I knit 2x2. No biggie, but I like the changes.

There is more good news for me in the knitting department, I can start knitting on Wicked again because I'm almost done with ESS and I have washed and dried Alpaca to continue with Wicked. See:

I have about 3" to knit before I start the decreases! I am still trying to decide what border I should add at the bottom - a 2x2 rib, seed stitch or the crossover pattern like the top. I have a ways to go, but I would like to resolve it soon.
BTW - I am posting this on Sunday morning KID FREE! The girls slept at my in laws last night and we watched movies until 1am this morning. Lucky girl, aren't I?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tonight I am going to see Menopause OutLoud with a bunch of friends. When I was first asked to go, I had never heard of this show, but apparently it is supposed to be really funny.

I don't care if it is or not, but it would be nice. At least I get to go out for dinner and a show and escape reality of my life for one night. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my life, but I find any excuse to get out of our nightly ritual. Which is - to ask two little kidlets to brush their freaking teeth 20 times and then completely loosing it until they do it. Oh yeah - and putting on their pjs? Takes about 10 reminders, and of course me loosing it. All part of having small kids I suppose.

Not much progress on ESS, just plugging along. I really hope it fits now because when I get to the sleeves, I plan on knitting a 3x1 rib from the elbow to the wrist, which I think will add a nice detail to an overall plain sweater. I wish I would have thought about this one a bit more, because I would have put a nice cable down the centre front, I have enough yarn, but maybe for the next one.

We will see.

Have a good one - I'll try and post tomorrow about the show.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I cast off for ESS last night and the damn sweater is too freaking tight around my hips. This really shouldn't surprise me because I know how big they are. So, I ripped out 5" and will increase 4 stitches (=1") every 6th row until I have 4" more in width. Then ribbing, then EZ sewn off cast off method. I need all the elasticity I can get.

No biggie, really. If this doesn't work, I am going to rip everything out and give one of my knitting buddies the yarn. Why? Because this would be 2nd sweater I have used this yarn for and it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.

Hey knitter buddies - don't get your hopes up too high, I have a feeling it will work out for me. But just in case, I have a plan for this yarn come what may!


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Monday, February 19, 2007

Much knitter progress has been made this weekend. The Essential Striped Sweater is about to get a ribbed bottom today, so that means, on to the sleeves and ribbed neckline and I'll have a nice cozy, comfy sweater.

Too bad it is about to warm up in Toronto, so I might not get to wear it, or I'll sweat to death in it. But we will sew!

I am using my new Knitpicks circular needles and I am LOVING them. I didn't think I would love needles this much, but I do. I think they make me knit fast, is that possible?

If this sweater turns out how I want it to, I have a whole pile of odds and ends of Patons Classic Wool and Peruvian Highland wool to make another one. Yeah - more stash gone!

Have a good one.


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still plugging along on my ESS using Peruvian Highland Wool from elann in sage green. It is kind of weird, but this colour feels really scratchy compared to the other colours I have used in the past. I have made a ribby cardi, sitcom chic and a few pairs of socks with this stuff and quite enjoyed knitting with it. But the sage green colour feels much more like itchy wool. Weird, eh?

Yep, I think so.

Not much knitting last night due to V Day - yep, wine, flowers can make a girl feel all so grand - so much so that I forgot about my knitting.

I'm on track again.

BTW - I am nagging my tech support guy, aka, Chris to change the look and feel of my blog - hopefully he will get it done soon. I have had this template for two years now and frankly, I am quite sick of it. I want something different. I've picked something and it is still in the green colours, but crispy and nicer and well, different than what I've got.

Maybe some bribery to get him going? Yeah, that's the ticket.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Last night I went to sleep around 9:30pm and work up today at 6:30am. Sounds like a lot of sleep doesn't it? One would think so, as I did, but as I was getting dressed I was feeling like I forgot to do something. HMMM, what could it be? I know - I washed my hair and my face and forgot to wash the rest of me.

What the hell? I guess I was a hell of a lot more tired than I thought. Drat!

I share this little story because I think it is so funny, well to me anyway. Maybe not so much to my co-workers a bit later in the afternoon. But funny never the less.

Have a good one.

BTW - we have so much snow here in Toronto - it is so GRAND. I love snow. I don't like driving in it, but I love it. The kids love it. My big fat cat loves it. Maybe I should send the cat out for an hour to play in the snow and maybe she will loose another pound.

Last year she weighed 25 pounds and now she is down to 23! She is on a new food and it seems to be working. However, a little jaunt in the snow will help her out a bit, I am sure!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh people, people, people! I am under 200 balls of yarn - I only have 199 balls in the stash. This is such a great day my friends, I can not believe it. I have three sweaters on the go, Wicked, Essential Striped Sweater and will start Ariann shortly. This means, if I finish them rather soon, 30 balls of yarn will be subtracted from the current total.

I am on a mission peoople and no one, do you hear me - is going to stop me.

Last night I swatched for Ariann because Bonne Marie's instructions were quite clear - if you get anything other than 19 sts/24 rows, your sweater will not turn out right. I am a big fan of Bonne Marie and heed her advice seriously, so I swatched and got 19sts/25 rows using Patons Classic Merino Wool in sage green. Very close. So now I just have to wait for my knitpicks needles to arrive to I can use the 32" cable because I only have 24" circs in size 4mm. I have plenty to amuse myself with until they arrive.

Knitting in 2007 is turning out quite good, but I am sure will change after I post this because the knitting gods will be a tad pissed I am getting so cocky.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

On Saturday I killed myself cleaning my house for a party on today for Julianna's hockey team. This party did not happen because Julianna came home yesterday afternoon from a friend's hosue with a 101.6 degree fever! I can't believe she kept playing however, more quietly than normal. Sometimes our suck it up attitude back fires, but I guess on one hand she did and still had a good time.

Because she is very sick, she has stayed on the couch and watched tv all day, which means loads of knitting time for me. Selfish, I understand, but very productive knitting. I am almost ready to take Wicked's sleeves off the needles and put them on waste yarn and started the Essential Striped Sweater today. I have two more increases to do for the front V neck, a few more for the raglan than I join it to knit round and round.

Yeah baby. Oh, BTW - she is staying home from school tomorrow and guess who gets to watch her? ME! I shouldn't feel so happy, now should I?

Have a good one.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

In my never ending quest to reduce my stash I have gone through my excel template and assigned projects to the yarn I have. For the most part, every yarn has a project that it is destined to become except for a few. For example, I have 7 balls of Patons Merino in a beautiful sage green colour. 7 balls my friends - that is a lot! I keep asking myself what I am going to do with it.

I first thought it might become Eris or Rogue. Then thought - nawh. Then I thought Twist, but would really hate seaming in those sleeves. Decisions, decisions, decisions - but today my friends, I bought Ariann. Yep, I took the plunge, made the final decision and this is it. I bought and printed the pattern and will hopefully knit up a test swatch this weekend.

I have made so many of Bonne Marie's patterns, that I know I won't have any trouble with it because of her clear instructions. I think I have made more garments from her than any other source. I guess you could call me a knit pattern stalker? Hmm..scary stuff...

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wicked is back on track. I am finishing up the top rib/cable section and about to start the increase for the body. The pattern looks way better using the 4mm needles and I am much happier.

I was at SnB last night with the ladies and it was really nice to get out and see them again. I won't be able to go for another night, so I'm glad I made it out.

My girls are bugging me for knitted socks so this morning we went to the stash cupboard and they picked some sock yarn. I guess I better get started eh? It looks like my Wicked might be put on hold for these two little munchkins.


Have a good one.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I love adding new projects to my to knit next list, especially when I assign my stash yarn to the project! The great thing about blogs is seeing all the finished projects and I get such lovely ideas. For example:

  • I can use my Patons Kroy sock yarn in grey and blue for Endpaper Mitts
  • I can use my Bernat Berella for Fetching (yeah, it is arcylic, but who cares!)
  • I can use something, I am sure for Nautie

When will I find the time to knit these? How the hell do I know? But they are offically on the list and I'm using stash yarn baby!

My Wicked is not turning out so nice with 4.5mm needles, so I cast on using 4mm with a new ball to compare with the 4.5mm. Of course, I cast on more stitches to compensate for the smaller needles, so I've crossed my fingers one of the two works out. I have been knitting for exactly 4 years now, and find that I want my finished projects to turn out nice, not just okay. So if it takes a few tries, it is SO worth it at the end of the day.

Have a good one folks!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just because I'm not buying yarn for a while (yeah, I know, lets see how long that lasts!) doesn't mean needles are including in this little de-stashing mission. I bit the bullet and ordered some knitpicks options circular needles in size 4mm and 4.5mm. These are the sizes I use most often, I refrained my usual self of "go big or go home" and didn't order the whole set. I have enough circs, but wanted to give this ones a try.

Oh yeah, I ordered some 2.5mm DPNs too.

I really do not need any of them, but really wanted them. Me bad, I know.

On the knitting front, I finished the last of the streetknit scarves. Thank goodness. It was getting very boring only kniting, knitting and knitting garter stitch. Easy, but boring. On the flip side, I knit quite a bit from my stash, so no more complaining.

Wicked is coming along nicely - I just hope it will fit. I am knitting a bit slow as I have cracks on both of the tips of my index fingers due to extreme dry skin. These cuts/cracks are in the worst place as every stitch I knit, I touch them and as you can imagine are very sensitive and sore. Typing, putting buttons through holes and well everything else is a pain in the ass,(er finger) to do.

Didn't I say no more complaining? Yes, well too bad. Have a good one.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

I am so determined to reduce my stash that I can think of nothing else. I am in the process of making my 4th scarf for streetknit.ca and made two scarves for the girls this weekend. In this scarf making frenzy, I have reduced my stash from 229 balls at the end of December to 203 balls at the beginning of February.

Not bad, eh? Nope, I really have to agree with myself on this one. Reviewing my stash template, I really only enough yarn to make 10 larger projects - i.e. vests and sweaters. The rest is either odd balls, enough for scarves, some sock yarn and some for stoles and shawls. So even though there are 203 balls, 115 balls are for projects on the knit next list for the most part and the rest are what I just described.

So, I believe my stash is pretty much under control - yeah Lisa! Now I just have to get cracking on reducing the 115. Easier said then done, right? RIGHT.


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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I have ripped out Wicked. Man, I knew something was wrong after the 8th row. The stitches look all wonky and crappy. Funny thing is, I knew this was going to happen, because I was using yarn that I knit Something Red for and ripped out. The yarn is really wonky and kinky, so my stitches are really wonky and kinky. No surpirse there. So, I am going to wind this yarn on the swift to make skeins, soak them and hang them out to dry. This should help with all the kinks.

I have two untouched balls of Alpaca which I am going to immediately cast on again for Wicked and see how the stitches look. If they still look wonky, then I'll go down a needle size to 4mm and hopefully it will work out. If not, I will seriously think about buying the yarn used in the pattern.

On another note, I am wearing those socks from yesterday's post and it feels like I have sand paper on the bottom of my feet. Plus, my feet feel like they are on fire because they are so freaking hot! I love wearing wool socks because they are extremely comfy and don't make your feet feel very hot, but keep them nice and toasty all at the same time. These ones? Not so much.

Live and learn I guess. Have a good one.


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