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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fetching is done! Do I have a picture? Nope, tonight I will. I want to post the FO on the Fall Cable KAL to enter my name into the prize hat. Chances of me winning are slim, as I don't have a horse shoe up my butt! Nevertheless, I'll post my FO and see what happens. Maybe my luck will change? Cross your fingers for me.

I am really unsure how practical fingerless mitts are. I don't understand the point in wearing them. The only reason I made them was to use up some stash yarn and try cabling without a needle. Didn't I mention that before? I made both pairs without using a cable needle! Look at me - call me Miss Superstar from now on.

My girls like them for some strange reason, so I will have to make another pair so both girls are happy. God forbid I only make one! World War III would break out in my house if I didn't.

BTW - I have 172 balls of yarn in my stash. Yep, another reason to start calling me Miss Superstar! I put on my critical glasses and took out yarn I KNOW I will never use and gave it to the girls' daycare. Plus - all the knitting I have been doing is helping reduce it as well.

I don't even feel the need to buy more yarn. That statement sounds wrong, don't you think?


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