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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I am so determined to reduce my stash that I can think of nothing else. I am in the process of making my 4th scarf for streetknit.ca and made two scarves for the girls this weekend. In this scarf making frenzy, I have reduced my stash from 229 balls at the end of December to 203 balls at the beginning of February.

Not bad, eh? Nope, I really have to agree with myself on this one. Reviewing my stash template, I really only enough yarn to make 10 larger projects - i.e. vests and sweaters. The rest is either odd balls, enough for scarves, some sock yarn and some for stoles and shawls. So even though there are 203 balls, 115 balls are for projects on the knit next list for the most part and the rest are what I just described.

So, I believe my stash is pretty much under control - yeah Lisa! Now I just have to get cracking on reducing the 115. Easier said then done, right? RIGHT.


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