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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just because I'm not buying yarn for a while (yeah, I know, lets see how long that lasts!) doesn't mean needles are including in this little de-stashing mission. I bit the bullet and ordered some knitpicks options circular needles in size 4mm and 4.5mm. These are the sizes I use most often, I refrained my usual self of "go big or go home" and didn't order the whole set. I have enough circs, but wanted to give this ones a try.

Oh yeah, I ordered some 2.5mm DPNs too.

I really do not need any of them, but really wanted them. Me bad, I know.

On the knitting front, I finished the last of the streetknit scarves. Thank goodness. It was getting very boring only kniting, knitting and knitting garter stitch. Easy, but boring. On the flip side, I knit quite a bit from my stash, so no more complaining.

Wicked is coming along nicely - I just hope it will fit. I am knitting a bit slow as I have cracks on both of the tips of my index fingers due to extreme dry skin. These cuts/cracks are in the worst place as every stitch I knit, I touch them and as you can imagine are very sensitive and sore. Typing, putting buttons through holes and well everything else is a pain in the ass,(er finger) to do.

Didn't I say no more complaining? Yes, well too bad. Have a good one.

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