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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tilted Duster

Now that the mammoth log cabin blanket is finished, I can really concentrate on finishing the Tilted Duster sweater. I am now finished the back and starting the fronts of this sweater. I am using Brooks Farm Solana yarn which is so soft and squishy. I really love the varigation of it and quite glad it is not pooling. I wonder how well it holds up to alot of use? Since this is a fairly new yarn from Brooks Farm, I am not sure what others have experienced with it.

Tilted Duster In Progress

I have been playing around in Raverly to update my projects with some pictures. I never knew how easy it was to use Flickr, but man it was a peice of cake. Easy as pie. Now all I need to do is take pics of my stash, and then my account will done.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Log Cabin Blanket - FINITO!

Well here it is in all her glory, the Finished Log Cabin Blanket:

The blanket is 4'.75" X 5'1". This thing is HUGE.

This sucker was started in March 2006 and I finished the knitting last night. Boy, did it feel good to draw the yarn through the last loop. But that euphoric feeling didn't last very long, when it hit me, I have to darn in all those nasty ends! It is a shame Denny doesn't come to the Beaches SnB anymore - she loves to darn in ends. Probably as much as I love to pick up stitches!

Backside of Log Cabin Blanket
I used 15 balls of Patons Decor - FROM MY STASH! My stash people, how exciting is that? Woo freaking hoo.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

OMG, the knitting of the log cabin blanket is about 5 minutes from being done!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I signed up for Raverly early in July and NOW I.AM.IN! Find me there under lisafarm. Original, non?

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

In hopes of getting my ass moving on the knitting front, I've joined a whole whack load of KALs. They are:
  1. Interweave KAL - for this one I started the Tilted Duster and plan to make the Cobblestone sweater for Chris
  2. Tilted Duster KAL - I think this one pretty much explains itself.
  3. Central Park Hoodie KAL - I planned to use Brooks Farm Solana, but swiftly changed my mind when I saw the Tilted Duster. My particpation in this KAL will be delayed until I buy some yarn for this sweater.
  4. Log Cabin Blanket KAL - I only have 6 more balls to knit up, then the border, weaving in ends and I'll have one big ass blanket to cuddle up under.
  5. Manly Gift KAL - This KAL is doing double duty - I'll be knitting the Cobblestone sweater from the IK Fall 2007 issue for Chris. Well, of course there is yarn to be bought, but that will be easy to do. Romni is only about a 20 minute walk from work.

My life is a bit nutso crazy at home right now because we have a family of four staying with us until about the 3rd week of September. It is a nice nutso crazy, but busy none the less. My friends and their two kids recently moved back to Canada from Australia and are currently waiting for the keys to their house. They feel like nomads and I am glad I have enough room in my house to put them up. Plus, the husband does dishes, unpacks the dishwasher and takes the garbage out - without being asked!

I would love to post pictures of my finished socks, hedgehogs and WIPs, but my husband Chris is in Macedonia until September 19th. Yep, I am pretty much a single mom until then, so my life will be a bit crazy and tiring. Therefore, I might not get the energy to knit at night.

On the bright side of things, hockey season for BOTH my girls will start this weekend, so during practices, I will be able to knit, knit, knit. Normally Maddie is running around the rink while the older one is on the ice, but now both of them will be on the same team, so I will be nice and free! In addition, my older daughter will play on a 2nd team and during those practices, Maddie will get the chance to go on the ice too. Sweet.

Have a good one, and I hope to post more often....

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