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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I have ripped out Wicked. Man, I knew something was wrong after the 8th row. The stitches look all wonky and crappy. Funny thing is, I knew this was going to happen, because I was using yarn that I knit Something Red for and ripped out. The yarn is really wonky and kinky, so my stitches are really wonky and kinky. No surpirse there. So, I am going to wind this yarn on the swift to make skeins, soak them and hang them out to dry. This should help with all the kinks.

I have two untouched balls of Alpaca which I am going to immediately cast on again for Wicked and see how the stitches look. If they still look wonky, then I'll go down a needle size to 4mm and hopefully it will work out. If not, I will seriously think about buying the yarn used in the pattern.

On another note, I am wearing those socks from yesterday's post and it feels like I have sand paper on the bottom of my feet. Plus, my feet feel like they are on fire because they are so freaking hot! I love wearing wool socks because they are extremely comfy and don't make your feet feel very hot, but keep them nice and toasty all at the same time. These ones? Not so much.

Live and learn I guess. Have a good one.


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