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Knitting Up A Storm!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

On Saturday I killed myself cleaning my house for a party on today for Julianna's hockey team. This party did not happen because Julianna came home yesterday afternoon from a friend's hosue with a 101.6 degree fever! I can't believe she kept playing however, more quietly than normal. Sometimes our suck it up attitude back fires, but I guess on one hand she did and still had a good time.

Because she is very sick, she has stayed on the couch and watched tv all day, which means loads of knitting time for me. Selfish, I understand, but very productive knitting. I am almost ready to take Wicked's sleeves off the needles and put them on waste yarn and started the Essential Striped Sweater today. I have two more increases to do for the front V neck, a few more for the raglan than I join it to knit round and round.

Yeah baby. Oh, BTW - she is staying home from school tomorrow and guess who gets to watch her? ME! I shouldn't feel so happy, now should I?

Have a good one.

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