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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Like most knitters, I have a 'Knit Next List'. I love this list, because well I like making any kind of list, but this one especially. Not only does it provide details on my stash ie: number of balls, yardage, colour, type, etc., I use it to track my projects start/end dates, needle size, garment size, as well as, the long list of next ups, which are:

River (Rowan KSH)
Thin Scarf using Pink Ribbon)
Chickami (Paton's Cotton Top)
Orangina in LB Microspun
Teresa's Socks
Lace bottom/top Sweater (patons décor)
Tess Design Ribbon yarn sweater (2nd)
Big Vogue Sweater (Red Heart Cozy Wool)
Kitty Kat Hat for Miss Amber
Knit Picks Purse (green from Value Village)
News Boy Cap (DB Aran Cotton)
Socks For J
Socks for me - regia
Ankle socks for me - orange
Ankle socks for me - Shelridge Farms
Vest from KnitScene Spring/Summer 2006
Bob (with what?)
Kate (with what?)
Ribbon Tank fr: Paton's Book (red & black)

I have yarn for all projects except three! Good news is I can reduce my stash, bad news is, I have no idea when I will ever find the time to finish all these, plus finish all the other ones I add to the list. I know, my problems are huge - NOT.

Well, I really don't have any updates on my current WIPs, because one is in finishing mode and the others are in starting mod - kind of boring posts, so I will give blogging a break till next Monday when I might have made more progress to show you.

We are going camping again this weekend, so maybe, just maybe I can squeeze in some knitting time. I doubt it, but I'll try - that is for sure.

Have a great week.

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