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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am back from a wonderful week in Punta Cana. We stayed at the Majestic Colonial and had a fantastic time. I totally recommend this resort. I read, slept, drank, ate and believe it or not got some knitting done.

I finished the sleeves for the Tilted Duster, they need blocking, but to proof they are done:


My friend's socks are coming along nicely:


I knit about 20 rows of Petal, using Tess Design Superwash Wool:


And before I left, I attached the sleeves to the body of Chris' Cobblestone sweater:


It appears I am in the home stretch on all three projects, so it is quite difficult to choose which one to work on! Oh the decisions of a knitter. This is a much better position to be in then casting on for a bunch of projects, and all of them turning out sucky!

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Blogger Ann said...

Welcome back! It's so great to be able to knit on holidays & look at all your accomplishments. Great work!

6:17 p.m.  

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