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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Holy shit people - I think we all have had enough about why we freaking blog. For the most part we all blog for pretty much the same reason:

  • to share our knitting ups and downs with our virtual friends
  • to feel apart of the knitting community
  • get new ideas, see new pattenrs, particpate in KALs, etc.
  • to get comments - come on now, who the hell doesn't want comments? I LOVE when I see someone left me a comment. I ALWAYS respond to them. If I don't it is because a comment was left by one of my frequent virtual friends and we trade emails almost daily, so that doesn't count!
  • this whole comment business is like being at school all over again people. There are the popular kids, the not so popular and the loners. Happens in real life and it happens with the blogs. Lets face it - that is the way the world works - EVERYWHERE. Deal with it.
  • Why write something online if no one reads it - you might as well as just write in Word or use a journal.

Want to know what pissses me off with blogging and comments? If not, move on, if so, keep reading.

If I make the effort to read through someones post and I take the time to comment, then I think that blogger should damn well reply to my comment, even if it is to say Thanks, I agree or whatever the approriate response is to the comment.

I have removed blogs from my daily reading based on this. I have left comments on blogs and she never responsed, so my thinking is - if you can't take the time to email me back, then you are not worth being my virtual friend. Just like in real life folks.

BTW - if Eunny Jang can respond to my congratulatory comment on her new position, then the rest of us can take the time to do it too!

Knit on.

posted by Lisa @ 9:17 a.m. 



Anonymous tiennie said...

In general, I agree with you! Although, I have in the past have tried to respond to some comments and are not able to b/c for some reason, I can't access the e-mail they've left me. I will try to comment on their site though.

5:12 p.m.  
Anonymous Robin said...

I feel the same way and do try to respond to every commenter by email (not that I have that many.) Sometimes I may inadvertently miss a comment in my inbox though, as I may just be reading them all in email and intend to reply later, then miss one. I also don't mind when someone stops by my blog to comment instead of specifically sending me an email back, especially because I know I only leave my blog address on Blogger blogs rather than my Blogger login.

8:28 a.m.  

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