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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Now that March Break is over it is back to our regular scheduled programming of school, after school programs and homework. It is nice to have a break, but it is nice to go back to 'the' routine. I wonder how my girls are feeling in school right now - pretty tired I'm sure.

I spent this morning organzing our summer plans. The girls are now official enrolled into a summer camp they both can attend! This makes drop off and pick up much less time consuming for us and it so cheap this year I could click my heels in the air. City programs are great if you find a camp with great councilors and this one has it all.

I also booked our every other camping weekends until the end of July! now just to decide if we are going to go to Macedonia (very expensive to fly 4 people) and if not, then I will book camping for 16 days in August! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Knitting update - I got gauge for Tatami Kimono Pattern with Quartette so I'll bite the bullet and buy the pattern and then of course put it on my to knit next list. I'm sure it will marinate for awhile because I want to finish up some smaller projects first.

I am about to knit the heel on Miss Maddie's socks, thank God - she has been bugging me every time she sees them to finish them. Pushy little girl.

Oh yeah - and I am almost finished the kitty pi knitting, then off to felting it! I am not sure how wide I should knit the pre-felted peice. Currently it is about 40' wide. I wonder how big or small it will be after felting? I am not a pro at felting, so I am unsure, but considering the finished product is for a cat, I'll wing it and it will all work out in the wash - no pun there, eh?

The endpaper mitts are coming along, I am increasing now for the thumb and really enjoy this two stranded knitting business. I want to buy the deep v-neck arygle vest by Miss Jang, but I don't have any yarn and don't want to buy anymore. Crap. But I want to make this vest!

Anyhoo, that is the weekend update for those who are interested. Have a good week.

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