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Monday, March 05, 2007

Well I will be damned. When I read Yarn It's post about her not-so-wicked Wicked, I couldn't imagine why she didn't like it. And, now I know! This sweater is not flattering on me and it is way too itchy.


You can't really tell how much it doesn't fit me. Let me see if this picture tells the story:


It is way TOO big around the neck line. I should have cast on for the smallest size to compensate for my rather smallish shoulder width and then increased until it fit me. The arms are way TOO big as well.

I am now sure this yarn is not meant for me. I first used this alpaca to knit Something Red and that sweater looked horrible on me. Then I frogged it only to realize that alpaca is really kinky once you knit and frog it. So, I had to put the yarn into hanks, wash them and wait for them to dry. All this work and look - the thing is sucky!

I am going to put the remaining 2.5 balls and this sweater in a bag and put it in the GoodWill box. Maybe someone else will have better luck with the damn yarn.

On another note - my Essential Striped Sweater is coming along nicely - the 2nd sleeve is almost done and I think this one is a winner. I'll take a picture of it this week, hopefully.

Have a good one.

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