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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Last Thursday I finally received my Tatami pattern from Sundara Yarns. It arrived in such a nice thick red envelope. The front:

The back:

And the first page of the pattern:

Nice presentation, but I can do without all the flash and jazz if it meant reducing the amount of the pattern. This is the first time I've spent 12 bucks on ONE pattern and paid 6 bucks for shipping. Not sure what the hell I was thinking. I read through the pattern and it seems clear, but if you ask me, and since this is my blog, I'll tell you - I think it is written okay. I would have preferred to download it after purchasing it, but I can't have everything. I've only cast on, and will most likely work on it here and there because I've been working on this. My progress of the log cabin blanket:

This is what it looked liked like on March 26 2007. Not bad, not bad.

Knit on my friends.

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