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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Based on my last post re: riding the crazy train for knitting for corks, it is nice to hear I am not alone. I have stopped though, but only because I don't have any corks to knit for!

I did, however start a new project this morning. The Squirrel and Oak Mitten pattern from Hello Yarn:


I am knitting these mittens on 3mm needles using Patons Kroy sock yarn and some burdgandy mohair yarn I bought at the 2006 MW&SF:


I am trying very hard to knit my stash down - aren't we all? Thankfully it is slowing going down because of all the webkinz sweaters I've been knitting. I've knit a few more sweaters and will take another group shot of the girls' toys soon.

Non knitting news and pretty scary all at the same time is when you come home and walk into the laundry room to witness this:


This is what remains of my washing machine. My husband and his dad took the whole sucker apart to find the part that was causing the leak. Quite a surprise I tell you. It would have been put back together without me having any knowledge of this little adventure, however, they do not have the tool they need. HMMMM...

Guess where I will be on Saturday afternoon? At the laundry mat, just like last Sunday afternoon. Lucky me!

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