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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Almost done!!

In progess Log Cabin Blanket II

The purple stripe is done now. All that is left is to knit two stripes of orange and lime green. I think it will be about 26" x 26" or there about. With this blanket, I'll knit a mitered border in black to match the center square. I've also decided to sew a fleece/flannel panel to the back. The thought of sewing scares me, so I hope it works out well. Keep your fingers crossed. It will be so worth it as I think it will look kick ass keeping my soon to be niece nice and cozy.

I've had Jay's socks in my bag forever now and started the short row heel for the 10th time on the ride home yesterday. Hopefully this time I will have short rowed just the right amount of stitches for the heel to look good. One can hope.

In other non-knitting news, BOTH my girls are playing hockey and they had their first house league game on Tuesday. My husband is their coach and he decided to put my younger one, Maddie, 6 years old as the goalie. She has never played in a game, either as goalie or a player, so I am so proud of her that she has that much confidence to put on the pads and give it her 110%. I'm not suprised she would do it, but am really surprised how well she did. I just might have a goalie on my hands! She looked awesome in the equipment and it looked like she had been wearing it forever.

During the game, one of the girls from the other team stated to Maddie that she had a really great player on her team. Maddie's response? "I know, she is my sister" with a huge proud grin on her face. AAHH. How great is that? Both my girls are highly competitive with each other (what siblings aren't?), and in all things they do. I am happy to know, they are extremely proud of each other and they share this feeling with others.

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Blogger Ann said...

Wow - the colors are amazing - what a gorgeous blanket - you had done a fantastic job!

7:08 a.m.  

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