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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Yesterday at Romni's I found what I was looking for - yarn for a 2nd hedge hog and fun fur yarn for both toys. All at 20% off, YEAH!

What I found interesting, yet disturbing was how many bins of novelty yarn Romni carries. There must have been over 20 bins of this stuff, at really expensive prices for little yardage per ball. I really, really thought this novelty yarn craze was over, but apprently it isn't. I don't see it being used through blogland so I wonder who is using it and what the hell are they making?

Thankfully I found some in the basement sale room for 5 bucks a ball, and each one has 142 yards - more than I need to complete each toy. I was getting a bit worried I would have to spend 16 bucks or more to complete one toy, but whew - I didn't! Lucky me!

At my daughter's baseball game last night, I cast on for the Ribby Shell in Cotton Fleece, colour black. I have about 6 rounds done so no pictures to show of it - yet! I want to wear this shell with a few summer skirts I have, so I better get knitting.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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