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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, June 11, 2007

I finished Clapotis, well a while ago and finally went to Fabricland to buy some fray-check for the ends of the Tess Design Ribbon yarn I used. Have I done it yet? Nope! Have to find the time, which is hard to do on the weekend. There really isn't a spare moment to be had, but my family and I had fun nevertheless.

Even though I haven't had a FO posted here for awhile, I have been knitting. I know this because my handy dandy trusty stash spreadsheet told me so. In May and June a total of 7330 yards of yarn was knit! Holy moly, that is quite a lot. The two serious projects on the go are Ariann and Log Cabin Blanket, which has taken up most of the time.

Ariann would have been finished, however I made a really stupid error and only realized my dumb ways at the start at the neck decreases. What was it you ask? When the raglan decreases were done, I kept the lace pattern as is, and didn't stop with the YOs. As row after row came to an end, I was wondering why each row didn't feel like it was getting shorter. Yeah, now I know! Stop with the YOs...
This is what my log cabin blanket looks, a bit bigger than the last time:

Have a good one folks.

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