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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This past Saturday my daughters particpated in a fundraiser for their rep hockey team. Their role was to stand in front of the LCBO for 3 hours and ask customers to support their team. Sounds easy right? Well, at first Chris and I were a bit skeptical they would do it, but as soon as we got to the store, they jumped in with both feet and at the end of their shift, raised 503.00 bucks. Wowza. The total for the day from the rest of the girls was 1700 buckaroos, therefore, my girls raised the most!

I am pretty proud of the fact that both my girls are very self confident and very sure of themselves. It will serve them plenty later on in life.

During the course of the 3 hour tour, I would like to share some of the comments people made after they asked for support. Keep in mind, I am not the best story teller in the world, but will do my best to describe the situations.
  1. Girls ask gentlemen for his support, he ignores them and I say nicely"have a good day". I guess he makes his purchases, comes out of the store and says to me: "Dont talk to me lady and embarrass me because I didn't give them money". Crazy man!
  2. Guy pulls up in his car, parks illegally, gets out of the car and says to me "You shouldn't have little girls stand in front of the liquour store you know" with an evil eye directed to me. I say "We are starting them off young". He buys some booze, comes out and continues to give me the evil eye. I salute him because he pissed me off.
  3. A dirty looking man power walks into the store, totally ignored the girls. They look at me, shrug the shoulders and wonder what his problem is. Two minutes later, he shoots out of the store like a bullet. I wonder what was up and another customer tells me "He just stole a bottly of booze". Nice.
  4. Girls ask for support from little old lady and she says "My husband loves hockey, I hate it so I'm not giving you any money" Appears she has a loving thing going on with her husband, eh? Whatever.
  5. They ask this 20 something guy for support and his response "I barely have enough money for booze". At least he was honest.

This is a first for our family to try and raise money for the team, and even though it is pretty shitty, the support the community gave was outstanding. But how can you resist throwing in your loose change to little girls in hockey jerseys? I know I wouldn't/couldn't say no.

Knitting - none here folks. Come back another time and hopefully I'll have a finished Clapotis for you.

Have a good one.

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