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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I don't know about you, but when I read negative or ruder comments I have to stop and wonder - good for you for sharing your opinion. Thanks Jan! I don't know if you come to my blog often, but this is the first comment you have left and frankly you have no right to leave negative comments on my blog when you don't even know me. We haven't even had the chance to get to know one another for you to feel comfortable enough to provide such negativity. If I knew you, then I would accept your opinion in a more rational way. However, this is not the case, so here are a few questions I have for you:

Jan, I am curious if you know anything about hockey and the cost? Do you have any idea that this is how most hockey teams, mostly the younger ones (both boys and girls btw) fund raise to help with the cost of ice time, jerseys, and tournaments? Do you even realize that in Ontario, where I live, Hockey is HUGE? People are more than happy to support the game of hockey, especially where the younger ones are concerned. Why? Because we want them to come back next year, and if the cost is TOO fucking high for parents, they won't, no matter how much the kids love the game. It won't matter how good the kid is, if the parents can't afford to pay for them to be on the ice. Hockey is one of these sports, that to get better you have to be on the ice, and ice time is expensive. How much you ask? If I knew you better I would give you the information you need to make a better argument.

Oh and btw Jan, the reason I dedicate MY opinion to you today is because I want to clarify one thing, my post below was only to show the funnier side of my day on Saturday. It didn't bother me when people didn't support them, but amused me and thought I would share my stories. Oh yeah, they weren't begging - don't put words in my mouth, they were respectful, offered candy to those who did support them and to those who didn't. They looked at each person in the eye with a big smile and thanked those who supported the team sincerely. They didn't goof off and make people feel stupid, they were professional little athletes asking for support so they could play more hockey this season. I couldn't have been prouder of them.

You have no idea what went on Saturday, so only give me your opinion on facts, not fiction lady. And another thing, I am aggressive - I think that is the only thing you got right in your little note.

Interested in Jan's opinion? Here it is:

"Sure, little girls in hockey jerseys are cute, but honestly - why should people have to fund your girls' hockey team? I am a mom too but never in a million years would I have my kids stand in front of a store, begging strangers for money and then as a mom and role model get all aggressive because some folk don't give them any. What makes you think they owe you an explanation for not giving your kids cash??? You should be grateful to those who DID give money, not attack the ones who didn't."

Your comment will be gone once I have a chance to email you to read this post. This is if you left a valid one. Jan, I love having the last word, ask my husband.

Oh yeah, this is a knitting blog, not a bitchy cat fight! I finished Clapotis last night and love, love, love it! I have to weave in the few ends, however the ball band says I need to buy fabric glue, or fabric spray. Anyone know where I can find such a thing?

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