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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back safe and sound from camping! I do love camping, but the first weekend is quite a bit of work, as we need to lug all the stuff that stays in the trailer all summer up and organize it all. Plus, food shopping, playing and relaxing. Kind of hard to fit it all into one long weekend.

We use a 30+ year old camper that has a fridge, stove and a bathroom, which are all great things, however the beds leave something to be desired. My youngest and husband each have their own bed, but I share a bed with an 8 year old, on a what feels like sleeping on a cardboard box. Yucky. My back is still screaming at me along with my right shoulder. To lleviate this pain next time around, we will need to find one of those memory form mattress toppers, or buy an used trailer with a good bedding solution. Still trying to decide which will be the better option!

I managed to knit a bit on Ariann, but not much. We were pretty busy and I can't knit in front of the fire at night and frankly am too worn out from the day's activities to think about knitting. for the moment I am staying monogamous to this project because I would love to know I have a wool sweater waiting to be worn come winter. Plus if I don't get it done before the really hot weather comes, I might not finish it.

I do stray a bit with the log cabin, but try to stay true to Ariann. I haven't finished one project since April 2, 2007. Yesh, that is bad. I think it is because I pretty much slept the month of April away and was so freaking busy the month of May, that I hope to get back on track with some FOs soon!

Have a good one folks.

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