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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It appears all my knitting projects are quite large which gives me the impression I haven't finished anything in a long, long time! What will happen is, I will knit, knit and knit some more and then all of a sudden I will have 3-4 FOs to post. I totally look forward to that day. My log cabin blanket is growing my leaps and bounds. I added 8 more strips which is a great feat because the damn strips take longer and longer to finish. With 3000 yards of Patons Decor, this thing might be able to cover my house, not just the bed!

I started another Ribby Shell in the Black Cotton Fleece I bought two weeks ago. I'll have one extra ball left over, but I think I will knit a reversible hat - cotton on the inside for comfort and use black Patons Classic Merino Wool on the outside for warmth.

I have joined a second ball of yarn on Ariann and quite enjoy this project. It is easy to memorize and even though the body takes a while to knit one row, it is nice and zen nevertheless.

What else do I have on my plate? I started another Clapotis using some Tess Design Ribbon Yarn I bought at last year's Maryland Wool & Sheep Festival. I really don't like knitting with this stuff, but want a nice little rectangular shawl for summer. Winding it into a ball took 1.5 hours. What a pain in the ass. Here is it sitting like an easter egg delivered by the easter bunny:

I wish the easter bunny delivered it because my hands were killing me after winding this sucker up! The other two hanks I bought will be given to my friend who traveled to MW&SF with me. She loves shiny yarns, I don't, so instead of it sitting in my stash, I will give it to a better home!

Knit on folks, Knit on!

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