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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Before I get ready to catch my GO Train to work, I gather my lunch, purse and knitting bag. Usually stuff and nothing out of the ordinary happens, but this morning, this is what I encountered:

Pretty shitty, eh? How the hell am I going to get that orange string thing back into a teensy little hole? I need that string thing to be put back in so I can close it. I've had this bag for awhile but just started to use it everyday for 2 weeks, and now it is broken. I also have a small bag, that I can't even close because I think the orange string is too long for the bag. I love these bags, but have too many issues with them. Whats a girl to do I ask?

I think I will email the company to see if they will replace it for me, because I can't use it now!

On a good note, I've finished one ball of the black Cotton Fleece for the Ribby Shell, one down, two to go! Maybe, just maybe I'll get to wear it to MW&SF?

I swatched the Cotton Fine yesterday and the drape it makes on size 3mm needles is not to my liking, and I don't want to knit a t-shirt on 2.5mm needles. So the Hemp KNitting Little Lace Top is out of the question.

So the winner is Orangina, because I can use 3mm needles and get a great top. My first attempt at making Orangina did not work out well and I think for a few good reasons.

  1. I used straight needles. I hate using them, I'm pretty much a circular kind of gal.
  2. I didn't use stitch markers. I have NO attention span, therefore I made whackloads of mistakes, it was pretty frustrating.
  3. I used some varigated sock yarn. You couldn't see the pattern and the sock yarn was not that friendly in lace patterns.

Knit ON!

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