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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year everyone - hope your celebrations were fantastic. I believe this year's outing on New Years eve was the best ever! My friends and I had such a great time, I am still smiling about how much fun we had.

The only sad news is, Chris' cousins are heading back to Macedonian today. Boo Hoo. We will certainly miss them. I post pics once we have gone through them all and of course, only post the best ones.

First finished object of 2007? Yes, right here baby: Maddie wearing her drive thru sweater from knitntonic. I used Patons Decor for the main body and Patons Classic Merino for the colour work. This puppy was knit using yarn from my stash. Yeah!

Now I only have two WIPs on the needles. The flower basket shawl which has been sitting there in the knitting basket since November 2005. I believe I have knit about 8 repeats done so far and my goal is to finish it before the end of February, 2007. Prior to picking it back up again, I have to start Julianna's drive thru sweater because we don't want her to feel left out of the knitting love, now do we? Nope!

The other WIP on the needles is the cabled cardi from the fall 2005 Sandra magazine. I love this sweater, but always seem to want to knit other projects before even thinking about this one. I am not going to frog it because I know it will be a great classic in the closet.
Well that is it.

Here is to wishing you and yours a fantastic 2007!

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