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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Another one bites the dust. My new Regia socks:

They match right up to the end of the freaking toe. What the hell went wrong? At least the heels match. Look at them - psychedelic dude:

I made these top down and knit an afterthought heel. I think this is the first pair of socks that fit me perfectly! I bought the yarn from Brenda because she didn't like the yarn. But I LOVE it. Thanks for not liking it Brenda because I now have a fab pair of socks.

Dianna tagged me to write down 6 weird things about me. I can only come up with four, but I think they are really weird, so it kind of makes up for the fact I don't have 6:

1. I hate feet! I hate the way they look and I hate when feet touch me. I don't even like my daughters to touch me with their feet. I scream, like a little girl. They don't do it much let me tell you. If they are going to lie down and put a part of the body on my lap, it has to be their head. If it is feet, they or I have to move. Crazy eh? I also know when Chris feet touch me when I am dead asleep. I will wake up and kick him or yell at him to move his freaking feet from mine.

2. I pick my toe nails. Why get a nice straight edge with a nail cutter when you can rip them off? Even though feet drive me crazy, I can't seem to stop myself from constantly touching my toe nails to see if there are any ragged edges to rip off.

3. I am so paranoid that I have boogers hanging from nose. I constantly check mirrors, knives, windows, spoons to see if anything is there. Funny thing is, I never have. I always have to have kleenex and a small compact mirror in my purse or I go batty without them.

4. When I walk, I count everything. EVERYTHING. It drives me nuts. I can't seem to stop myself and I don't remember a time when I didn't do it. I've never told anyone I do this, until now. I think I do it because I am bored walking from point A to point B.

Feel free to write weird things about yourself, if you feel the need to share!

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