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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Disclaimer, right out the gate - in the past I have posted how crazy I am about being organized and since a disclaimer has been put on this post, I do not want to hear anything! In January 2003 I asked my friend Lisa if she knew how to knit and she said yes. Sometimes I wish she would have said no, sorry, I don't because like most knitters, I am pretty much obessed with the craft right from the get go. On this fateful day I went to Romni bought myself some yellow 5.5mm DPNs, thick 100% dark grey wool and a sock pattern book to make socks for my husband Chris. Each sock took me about 6 hours +, and now, almost four years later I can make a pair on 2.5mm in about 6 hours. My speed and knowledge of the knitting process has improved greatly.

Now, the reason for my little story, since January 2003, I have knit a total of 106 items for myself, friends and family. I think that is quite a lot. 30 of these projects are sweaters, 26 pairs of socks and coming in 3rd is 18 scarves. Wowza. When I look at which year I produced the most it was in 2005. This year I knit 14 sweaters, half of the total for the four years I've been knitting. In 2006 I knit the most socks and in 2005 the most scarves. How do I know this? I have an excel spreadsheet which contains every bit of information one needs to know about WIPs and FOs, stash, etc.

I love keeping track of this kind of stuff! My offer to send you my excel spreadsheet is still on the table for those who want it. Use it all or take what you need.

Have a great day.

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