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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This fall back the clock thing is killing me. I am so tired at night and really tired in the morning. My eyes feel like freaking golf balls. Thankfully coffee helps, but not much knitting is done in my condition. Knitting news? Well the other secret Christmas knitting gift is going on, but knitting mitts is painfully boring. I need to force myself to pick up the needles, but will be very happy to have them done. Knitting mittens is not my favourite thing, but a matching pair with the recently finished clapotis will look awesome, and much appreciated.

My one week trip to the DR will start on Saturday and I've decided to only bring Chris' socks to work on. Catching up on reading novels, doing some sukodo puzzles and taking LOTS of naps are on the agenda.

Hopefully I can force myself to post one more time before I leave, but I am so busy at work that I doubt I will have any knitting updates.


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