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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I finished my friend's 2x2 ribbed socks last night and put them on her desk this morning. Man, what a relief it is to finish something. Even if that something is only a pair of socks. It counts.

The 2nd sock syndrome which a lot of people confess to have doesn't usually hit me, thankfully. As long as the 2nd sock is cast on and a few rounds are knit, I'm on my way to a finished pair. I cast on the 2nd yellow sock last night and I am almost at the heel. Just in time, because they weather here in Toronto is mighty cold. There might be a lot of sock knitting talk on this blog because my youngest wants wool socks. Actually she asked for loads of them. Great. I guess she appreciates them, so I don't mind.

This afternoon I go to the dentist to have him look at one of my lower back teeth because it is turning black. Yeah, what fun people. I've had a few root canals performed on this tooth, and I think it is time to have it yanked. This one of the options 9 years ago, and I opted not to do it. But this time, I will. The amount of money I have put into this one little freaking tooth is unbelievable, and I refuse to pay anymore. Well, after they yeank it and put a new one in.

Anyone watch Farscape? My husband has turned me on to it, so much so I want to watch the damn show every second we can. Tonight is CSI, so watching another episode is out of the question, but man, it feels like going through withdrawal. I say this now, but I"m sure an episode will get put on the screen.

Have a good one.

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