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Knitting Up A Storm!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Wowza people - I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted. I guess I don't have much to show/say. The knitting has been quite slow around these parts mainly because of this tired feeling that hangs over my head. Plus my knitting mojo is gone, you heard me gone my friends. Like most knitters we all go through this stage from time to time, and frankly I am okay with it. Once the mojo returns, my love of knitting will as well and I'll enjoy the whole process again. Right now though, I don't enjoy the process all that much. C'est La Vie!

I did join the Fall Cable Along today and thankfully there isn't a deadline, because believe me, I'd sail right by it. Even though my knitting isn't working out that great for me, I've started a few new projects. One involves cables from a pattern in last year's Sandra magazine, which works out quite nicely for this KAL. Can't find a link at the moment, but will take pics soon. It is a big chunky cable cardi, perfect for colder days and sitting in a cold rink watching J play hockey.

I have also finished the first sock for my friend and hoping to find the energy to start the second. Maybe this will be the project that gets me off my ass. One can hope, right?

Have a great weekend.

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