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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Needed - Peruvian Highland Wool in Dried Herb!!

The saying "There is always a first time" really sucks, especially when for the first time, I will run out of yarn to finish a sweater. Usually there are at least 2 balls left, but not this time baby. Not only has the Top Down Wrap Cardi monopolized my time, but I won't have enough yarn to finish the sucker. Bummer.

So I placed my order this morning at elann.com for 3 more balls of the Peruvian Highland Wool in Dried Herb. I should be happy right? WRONG! The yarn will come, however in a different dye lot.

IF ANYONE HAS DYE LOT 492 IN THE Dried Herb colour (#1557) and you don't need it - please, please, please (did I say please) let me know so I can buy it from you.


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