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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I often wonder why I have so much stash, and I think I've boiled it down to the fact I buy yarn for a specific project, knit it, don't like it and then frog it. This whole concept of knitting something, then ripping it out continues on until I have so much yarn that I don't know how to reduce it. The knit to do list is quite large and all jumbled up inside my head.

I have an excel spreadsheet which tracks so much knitting information it is quite sickening how organized on paper I appear. In reality though, I am not sure what to knit next nor sure which UFO I should finish first. Looking at the list for ideas, and reviewing the UFO list prompts me to rip Orangina folks. The lacey pattern is not prominent with the variegated yarn and I'm not loving it at all. I only used this yarn because it was in the stash and thought it might work. It doesn't, so off it flies from the needles. I am looking forward to a finished Orangina, but it will have to be knit with a different yarn. Maybe the one that is recommended. Hey now - there is an idea - stop substituting yarn, and the project just might work out!

It also appears I am frogging more projects than I've produced lately. If I take the whole glass is half full approach - I don't have knits that I won't wear and I can use the yarn to make something I really like.

Maybe one day I can live up to the name of my blog, Knitting Up A Storm!

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