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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I decided I wasn't going to give the FBS the satisfaction of winning, so I figured out which row I was on and just started knitting. I have now completed 6 repeats and half way through the 7th. I have a system to ensure I stay on track and for the most part it is working. I count 3 stitches at a time, therefore taking each step in smaller chunks. I also count how many stitches I have before and after the centre stitch to ensure they are the same. This prevents me from having to rip out a purl and knit row to fix one little mistake. I am also knitting a few rows at a time, as I get a bit tired working on this shawl. I am very determined to finish this, and not because I want to wear it (I doubt I'll hardly wear it), but because I want the satisfaction of knowing I finished my first lace project.

All in all, I think I am enjoying this a bit more than I have with the first 4 repeats, which is good news. It keeps me going.

My blog might be boring for a bit because of the projects I am working on. I was on a roll of finishing things in July and August, but things are slowing down due to the very slow nature of my WIPs and a busy life. This working thing, having to organize a ton of stuff in the evenings for the girls and myself for the next day and finding time for knitting - man, there really isn't enough hours in the day.

BTW - I going to the Beach SnB tomorrow night. If anyone is interested in joining us, we will be at the Second Cup, Queen Street East and Wineva Avenue. Hope to see you there.

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