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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I am back from vacation and had a wonderful time camping with my family. This is the first year we could set up and take down everything without the girls interrupting us. Man, what a change from the first year of camping with a 9 month old butt crawling in the mud! My little one crawled on her butt until she learned to walk, and let me tell you it was so freaking funny. She would move her butt cheeks up and down like how we walk on feet! Hee hee.

In previous years, one of us would entertain the kids while the other one set up/took down items. This year was so different - they rode around on their bikes and played with other kids in the park. Wow - having the girls that much more independent makes all the difference in the world.

During this camping trip my soon to be 5 year old learned to ride a two wheeler:

Man, she is so happy, she could hardly contain the smile. She is riding her sister's bike, so that means we needed to get J a new bike:

And while we were at Canadian Tire, Chris bought a well deserved bike (his was stolen from our house a few years back):

I must be doing something right brining up my girls, because the younger one wasn't remotely upset that she has a used bike and her sister has a shiny new one - she is just happy to have her own bike without training wheels. Yeah M!

On our trip we did a lot of boating, a bit of swimming (it was slightly cold), a lot of riding, playing baseball, badminton and eating lots of ice cream. Now that our vacation is over, I found waking up at 630am was such a bitch. This is the first time I blow dried my hair and applied make up. I really didn't miss my morning routine and dragged my ass around the house until it was time to catch my train to work.

On to knitting - not much to report, because I really didn't have that much time to knit, but here is what was worked on:

The top down wrap cardi is hard to show any progress, because well, it is a top down and looks like a big blob until I am pretty much finished. But here it is:

I finished the first sock of the yellow big bird sock, which I'm ripping out to the heel flap because the thing is too freaking wide. I re-read my instructions I wrote out for Fleece Artist sock kits, and missed one crucial part - change to 2.25 mm (from 2.5mm) after the heel flap is done. DUH! Oh well. I don't find this FA sock kit very nice to knit with - the first pair I made, the yarn was squishy and soft, but this one is kind of scratchy . Maybe it is the dye they used?

I started a pair of socks for my friend Teresa using Tess Design Sock yarn:
Teresa is the friend I travel to the MW&SF with for the last two years and told her I would make socks for her. Thankfully she only wants a 2x2 rib, short cuff pair, so these are pretty easy, let me tell you!

That pretty much sums up my vacation and knitting, and hope you stayed through this long, long post. Have a good day.

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