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Knitting Up A Storm!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I think I should change my blog title to Spinning Up A Storm. Man, spinning is so freaking addictive. I didn't think I would love it this much, but apparently I do! I am spinning with Coppworth roving which, I believe is a beginner's roving because it is pretty easy to spin. Here is my first two ply:

My 2nd:

In the pictures it doesn't appear the above two skeins are that different, but they are. The plying I did on the 2nd skein is much more even than the 1st one. Even my mom who has no idea what a proper skein should look like, said the 2nd one looks much, much better. I am planning to dye the off white skeins dark purple.

Here is a bundle of singles:

And some more coppworth I bought at MW&SF:

Even though I am sure this 'yarn' I've made won't feel good next to the skin due to the scratchiness, I'll make each of my girls a hat, so I know, I spun it, I dyed it and I knit it! Woo hoo.

In other news, I decided to dye my hair back to my original colour:

Click here for a clearer picture

The colour I changed it from was a very light copper, and now I have a nice deep rich brown with flecks of auburn. I LOVE it. When Chris saw it, I didn't think he would like it, but the big smile on his face told me how he was feeling. Well, maybe it wasn't just his face that told the true story.

Have a good one.

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