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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am back from a wondering weekend spent up at a friend's cottage on Balsam Lake. Man, what an awesome time we had. We taught four kids to water ski! 8 out of the 10 kids tried, including my older daughter J (she didn't get up) and four were successfully in riding the waves. What a wonderful view seeing those little ones get up on skiis. I LOVE it.

I also got a chance to ride behind the boat on skiis and on the knee board. The knee board is so much freaking fun, I wish I could have had more turns. I love the fact you can do 360's on them, jump the wake and go side to side.

If Chris and I have more adults on the boat who like to do water sports, we normally do a double knee board, (we have two of them), which is way more fun than being by yourself. He usually will splash the crap out of me, but who cares, I love kneeboarding with him. We also have a wakeboard which I won't try (I doubt I'm strong enough), but Chris did and this is the first time he popped out of the water so smoothly he looked like a pro!

On the knitting front, I finished the 2nd koigu sock and almost finished the chickami. I am working on the front now and hopefully in a few days I'll have another summer tank top to wear. Other than tired and a bit sun burned, I had a fantastic weekend. If you leave in Canada, I hope your long weekend was grand.

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