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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Summer is quite a hard season to get up the energy to knit and blog, and I think I am not the only one out there. I have been knitting and er, crocheting granny squares but have nothing to show because I doubt you guys are that interested in boring 2x2 rib and blue squares. Take my word for it, I'm knitting.

I went to Romni Wools yesterday and discovered they are having their everything is 20% off sale. The only thing I bought was the new Knitscene magazine, but have my eye on some Katia Buffalo yarn to make another Tulip. This stuff is SO freaking soft and at 5 bucks a ball, the tank would only be 20 bucks! Should I make the trip? I am sure I will. But I have no business buying anymore yarn considering I ordered 11 balls of elann's Sonata last week to make one of the summer cardis from the IK summer issue. Ah, freaking sales, what the hell are you doing to me?

Oh, yeah, their spinning wheels are 20% off too, decisions, decisions and difficult ones too. Don't think I will be buying one, but one can dream right?

In other great news, my daughter's ball hockey team came in first place for the season and were the champions of the playoffs! She now has two championship trophies sitting on her sports trophy shelf. I am so proud of her. I have to give her a lot of credit for having the courage to play on an all boys team AND be one of the few girls in the league. I love that about her. She doesn't care who she plays with, as long as she enjoys herself and plays her best.

I am aiming to have the Ribby Shell and the 2nd Koigu sock done by the end of July. I want to start the little summer cardi/cami thing as soon as the yarn arrives. Stay tuned.

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