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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Now that Green Gable is off the needles, I can move on to my other knits. I started Something Red with the plum colour Alpaca I bought at MW&SF, and am loving knitting with this Alpaca. However I think I am using too big needles, so I will have to rip what I have and re-start using 4mm. Which is not such a bad thing because I get to use my brand spanking new Addi Turbo I bought at MW&SF!

I also have Orangina on the go as well using Sockatta sock yarn. It is a lovely and easily memorized pattern, but takes forever to complete a row because of how tiny the needles I am using are. Hopefully I will finish it to wear during the summer months. I can hope you know.

I want to start a pair of socks using the Koigu I bought at MW&SF so I have something easy to work on at camping this weekend. I am SO looking forward to knitting with Koigu. So many people praise this yarn and now I finally get a chance to try it. The first skein is currently sitting on my swift waiting to be turned into a nice neat little cake - and touching it in this state is heavenly! I can just imagine how wondering it will be to knit with. Hopefully tonight I will have a chance to find out.

BTW - I seamed one side of Cutaway and hope (I've done a lot of that is this post) I can finish the other side soon. I want to wear this sweater!

Have a good one folks.

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