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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I have to wonder why the weather is so freaking miserable this time of year! I went camping this past weekend for one day - one day people. Why? Because it was so cold, staying outside was not an option. My girls and I headed up on Saturday morning, packed up on Sunday morning and we were home at 2:30pm.

The good news about coming home early is I had a chance to weave in the ends and steam block Cutaway:

(Click here for a clearer picture)

I used 8 and a bit of GGH Bali in Orange and made the 39" size. The sleeves are a tad too wide, but considering this is my first sweater I knit with cap sleeves, it totally turned out better than I thought. The seaming wasn't too bad, once I understood how to put them in. Even then, my cap sleeve seams could use a bit more work, but practice makes perfect.

I am planning to make another Cutaway with some alpaca I bought at MW&SF this year in a Burgundy/wine colour. Next time though, I will knit the sleeves a tad slimmer.

All in all, I am quite a happy girl - thanks Bonne Marie for such a great pattern! This is the third pattern I knit from Bonne Marie. First was the Chickami, next was the Ribby Cardi and now Cutaway. Can't go wrong with her patterns.

Have a great day!

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