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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good God, Green Gable is kicking my ass SLOWLY. I ripped back to the arm holes, decreased 16 stitches and the thing is still too big. Holy crap - someone, anyone give me a stiff drink! I will have to rip back a hellave (sp?) lot more than just to the arm holes to make the thing smaller.

This makes me wonder if I think my girls are smaller than I think they are. Double damn - that really sucks. Not only is the tee too big my girls are too small. What a way to start my road trip to


Ahhhh. There won't be any time to fix her up before I hit the road tonight, but since I drive to Buffalo it won't matter because unfortunately I can't knit and drive. But Friday I just might have a chance. I so wanted to wear this on Saturday - but it appears that ain't happening folks.

Regular blogging resumes on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend folks.

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