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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

For the longest time I have not felt like knitting, especially with all the sizing issues I had with Green Gable, but now I love what I have on the needles. I think I got gauge with 3.5mm needles for the Something Red sweater and now I am on my way! I love knitting with Alpaca. Oh My God - this stuff is like knitting with clouds, or maybe I am on a cloud when I am knitting. Either way, this stuff is quite addictive and I find it hard to put it down.

I am glad I got my knitting mojo back - just in time too, because I will have plenty of time to knit this long weekend on the campsite. Yes folks, cold as it will be, we go camping every May 24 weekend. As long as it is dry we don't care about the temperature. It is just so nice to be out and about in the fresh air. The kids have a blast when we go camping. They are the type of kids that are much better when they are outside, so camping is one of their favourite things to do. Who could blame them?

It is amazing though our experiences with them at the provincial park over the years. We took both girls when they were relatively young (6 months old) and considering the trouble we went through then, I am quite surprised we keep going year after year. For example, my younger daughter decided to butt crawl - yep she got around on her butt! We took her camping and she butt crawled through the dirt, mud, etc. We took them when they were in diapers, had to sterilize their bottles and warm up their milk. (BTW - we brought a little microwave to warm up the bottles in the middle of the night!) And now, my kids can go off on their own to explore. Not too far, but just far enough. This year I am sure they will want to venture off a bit further than last year, but that is okay, exploration is fun, fun, fun!

The only negative thing about the first weekend of camping, is all the stuff we need to bring up. After the first camping weekend is over, the following times we go up, everything will be there. When I return I hope to have a good portion of the Something Red sweater done. But that all depends on how far and how long my girls want to explore on their own.

I'm off till next Tuesday folks. Have a great long weekend for those readers in Canada!

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