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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sometimes you have to wonder how kids come up with the games they do. My older daughter J, was playing a game yesterday called grounders, which is basically marco polo on land. She was 'it' and was running to find the others and ran head first into a tree. You would think she would see it, but no, she was running around with her eyes closed - in and around trees. See:

It doesn't look as bad in the picture as it does up close and personal. This girl can take pain, but this incident knocked her flat on her ass. She normally doesn't follow me around, but last night she might as well been my shadow. Poor thing. I took her to the doctor's office this morning just to make sure she did not break anything. He sent her for xrays, and if they don't call tomorrow morning then she is fine. I am sure she is. She is just in a lot of shock right now.

On the knitting front there isn't much to report. I am almost finished knitting the daisy cardi, and have not even attempted to figure out my little issue of understanding the berry part of the baby hat. I am having a duh moment with the hat, which I hope will be corrected shortly.

Have a good one folks.

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