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Monday, April 03, 2006

Proud Hockey Mom (warning no knitting content today). My older daughter's hockey team won the play offs this weekend. This is a huge feat for this team because they placed 5th in the season and literally stole the top spot. Wow. If you are interested about the play by play, keep reading, if not, tune in tomorrow for some knitting updates.

Friday the Rink Rats played the qualifying game to determine if the move on and the Rink Rats smoked the other team 3 - 0. My daughter scored the 1st goal, and apparently, when it is a shut out the first goal is the winning one! Who knew, not I. Good job J! Not only did she score that goal, defensively she was freaking awesome and she won every single face off. The winning of the face off is a great one too because she is about 6" shorter than the other centreman and totally smoked him. He got so mad at one point and started whacking her stick at the face off. The ref stopped the game and reemed him out.

On Saturday they won again and go to move on to play the 1st place team on Sunday afternoon. J didn't score any goals but was totally on her game and won most face offs, played defensively and had so many breakaways - she was smoking.

On Sunday, she scored the first goal to make the score 2-1 for the other team. Then another kid scored the 2nd tieing the game. On her next shift she scored the 3rd goal to put her team ahead. This goal was a beaut! She took the puck from the other team, skated from the blue line ALONE and it was just her and the goalie and she did a great wrist shot and put the puck in between the goalie's pads. The reason she was alone was all the other 9 players on the ice just stood at the blue line and watched her break away, stick handle the puck to trick the goalie and sunk it in.
Shortly after this goal, the other team got one in and tied it. So they had to go to an overtime period, then another and the Rink Rats finally won the game in the 5th period. They played two overtime periods, and they won!

I can't believe how well she did. Well, I can, but she never showed her talent to the coaches to that level - she must have understood how important these games were and stepped up to the challenge. I love it.

I guess the coaches realized her improvement as they voted her 2005/2006 Most Improved player and she got a medal.

The proud moment for her and her team didn't stop there - it was announced that in 30 years this house league has been around, the Rink Rats, the house sponsed team has won the playoffs. And my girl was a part of that!

Of course I have to include a picture:

Great job baby! Looking forward to next year's season.

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