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Knitting Up A Storm!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh man I bought the Green Gable pattern. I told myself I was not to buy it. But I couldn't get my mind off this little tee. I so blame it on Knit N' Tonic. If she didn't make it, I would never have known about this cute little tee. Thanks to Wendy, I bought the pattern and now need to buy the yarn. Man, oh man. It appears I have no self control, really I don't.

I finished all the pieces of Daisy and blocked the body this morning. This means, the sleeves go on the blocking board tonight and hopefully I will start seaming the puppy tomorrow night. I hope. I need to finish this little baby outfit before the baby gets too big and doesn't even have a chance to wear it. Got to finish it!

All I really want to finish before I go to MW&SF is the 2nd sock, the baby outfit and Clapotis. I doubt I will finish the last item, but plan to work on it in the car on the way down to Maryland. I can't believe there are only three more weekends until I go to MW&SF. Woo freaking hoo. I started The List, which I didn't do last year and didn;t know what to buy because I didn't have The List. This year will be different. I know which sweaters I want to buy yarn for. I have a mission. I do know I want to hit Tess Designs and Brook Farm first. Then peruse the main barn, then the little barns outside. Not only do I have The List and a plan, I have booked the hotel, know where the good places to eat are and where to go for a quick pint. I am so set for Maryland this year.

MW&SF here we come!

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