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Knitting Up A Storm!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It has turned out to be such a great day. Not only is the weather fantastic, I finished the knitting of my BIL's future FIL's sock this morning and all I need to do is graft the toe - before Sunday. I think I can do that! Plus, I think I found my future SIL a job at my girls' daycare. Yeah.

Last night I finished the borders of Cutaway, blocked the sleeves and can at least attempt to seam the pieces together.

I also got to knit at lunch with Kathryn today and found renewed love for my Clapotis. I was a bit worried I wouldn't want to pick it up again, but once I got going, the going got, well, er going. If it wasn't for the lovely feeling I get knitting with this Brook Farm Harmony I do believe I would abandon it, but this yarn is so freaking squishy, so I will forge on.

In other great news, my friend of about 15 years finally has her Canadian Citizenship. Whew for Victoria. When she called me this morning to tell me they granted her entry to the country I started bawling like a baby. This has been a long battle for her and now it is finally resolved.

Last but not least, I went through my summer shoe collection and remembered all the great pair of sandals I have from last year. I thought I would be buying more, but nope, I think I'm set for summer, shoe wise that is. Clothes - that is a different story. But since I am on a bit of a high, we won't go there.

What an awesome day. I do hope it continues.

Have a good one.

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