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Knitting Up A Storm!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I don't have a lot of projects on the go right now, which is a pretty good feeling I must say. I have Clapotis and socks. The socks are for my BIL's future FIL using Shelridge Farm Worsted Weight yarn. My husband's brother is marrying this great Italian gal in December and her family is awesome. Not only because her mom makes the best, I mean the BEST freaking lasagne and chicken parmesan on the planet, but they are just nice people.

So why not make the FIL a pair of socks? He is a pretty great guy and because I am using a heavier weight yarn, thankfully I have already finished the first one. I need to finish them before Sunday as her family is coming to celebrate Orthodox Easter with us.

To ensure I don't start Green Gable before finishing the pair, I immediately cast on the for the 2nd and due to a few conference calls scheduled in the next few days and the SnB tonight - I should have enough time to be done way before Sunday Dinner.

On my way down to MW&SF, I have decided to take four projects - Clapotis, Green Gable, Hourglass Sweater (from the Last Minute Gift book) and this. I know it is quite a bit of projects, but I thought I would have a few on the go, just in case I got bored. Plus, when I cross the border with all my loot, the guards won't know if I bought the yarn or brought it. I am SO sneaky.

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